Bokman O5 Plus review: the bluetooth headphones with the best autonomy

bokman o5 plus

There are, by now, in an immeasurable quantity, but the bluetooth headphones continue to conquer the market. Since the first true wireless models arrived, then, the public has responded even more vigorously, storming all the major stores. Which is why, therefore, several companies continue to come up with new versions of their headsets, eager to let future customers try them. Among the many brands involved in the production of these accessories, therefore, we also find Bokman who recently launched the new ones Bokman O5 Plus. Unlike many other competing products, they do not use gestures, but manual controls. This, however, is not their only peculiarity. Let's find out better, therefore, within ours Full review.

Bokman O5 Plus review


Looking at the sales package, nothing so particular is noticed. Inside this box, however, we find:

  • Bokman O5 Plus;
  • USB / microUSB cable for charging the case;
  • charging case;
  • three pairs of spare pads;
  • short instruction manual, in English.

Design & Materials

I would like to start immediately from custody, the first thing inside the package. This is made entirely of metal, showing a matte black surface that gives excellent sensations of solidity to the touch. What convinced me least, honestly, is the opening system del case which, as far as I'm concerned, is not exactly exceptional. In fact, the company has studied this opening system which is not convincing, because in my opinion it exposes the product to a greater probability of breaking with the passage of time. Beyond this, then, with one hand it is absolutely not easy to open the case, also given the excessive slipperiness of the product. From the point of view of size, however, measure 76 x 45 x 30 mm, presenting on the right profile a LED RGB and an entrance microUSB.

Opening the case, therefore, it is possible to immediately see the two headphones. These are housed inside the case, firmly secured thanks to the presence of magnetic pins for charging. In the central part of the case, then, right between the two headphones, we find a LED that, if the state of charge is higher than 60%, it is green, if it settles between 40% and 60% it is white, if it remains between 30% and 40% it becomes red, while if the charge is below 30% starts flashing red. Taking a closer look at the earphonestherefore, we immediately notice a rather particular shape, but certainly not unique. These two earphones have, in fact, really compact dimensions, by measuring 16,88 x 22,53 x 22,53 mm, with a weight of just 4,6 grams. They are really light, therefore, and comfortable to hold to the ear, as long as you find the right combination of ear tips, which adapts well to the shape of your ear.

We do not find any difference between the right and left headphones, except for the presence on the latter of a different color than the other. The right one, therefore, despite being always black, has all the gold-colored finishes, while in the left one these details are white. We do not find, then, touch controls, but two small keys on the sides that can perform different functions. We will elaborate on this topic later. Beyond this aspect, however, this surface also resides in bright LEDs. Turning the headset 180 °, then, we find only more grommet and of magnetic pins for charging.

Connectivity & Software

These Bokman O5 Plus are equipped with the Bluetooth 5.0, which therefore allows you to take advantage of a faster and, above all, stable connection with your smartphone. In fact, I have not noticed any problems in daily use, even when the phone and headphones are at a certain distance. Here, however, the coverage should be 20 meters, albeit after that 10 / 11 meters the two earphones begin to disconnect alternately. Beyond this aspect, however, the connection with the smartphone is always very fast. Inside each single headset, then, a voice tells us the moment in which the pairing was successful (obviously in English).

bokman o5 plus

It is not specified which chip is mounted inside these individual earphones. Despite this, however, I can say that I have not felt too much latency while watching videos on YouTube or some TV series on Netflix. There is a minimum of latency, but it is really so weak that in everyday life it absolutely does not affect the user experience of these earphones. The situation is different, however, during the gaming phases, especially on faster titles such as Call of Duty Mobile. Here, in fact, latency becomes a real problem, because the shots feel late and playing, in these conditions, is impossible.

A very specific decision was made by the brand, because no touch controls have been introduced on the headphones. We find on each pair, two small keys, which act as function keys. Therefore, various are associated with them commands, and I want to point out a detail: both on the right and left headphones, there is a button with an identical symbol. On the right one, as on the left one then, we have the volume button on the left and the on / off button on the right.


In terms of ergonomics they are among the best earphones tested in the last period, even if with some small movement of the head they can easily fall to the ground. Therefore, I do not recommend their use in sports, although they also have a certification IPX7. Despite everything, however, theaudio in the headphones it is quite good, certainly better than what you would expect at such a small amount. We have no indication of all the various compatible codecs, but I believe the quality of this product is absolutely decent. It is possible to perceive all the various tones, although in some pieces i bassi turn out to be a bit too intrusive. While listening to a normal pop-rock playlist, therefore, you can enjoy a rather good and, above all, balanced audio. For their part, then, these headphones have a system of passive ambient noise cancellation, which therefore does not enjoy some advantages. I must say, however, that their shape, and the in-ear design, already help enough in this sense, almost completely isolating our ears. Speaking of this, then, you will have to try to help yourself with the various rubbers to find the square. I believe, however, that those with larger ear cups have a slight advantage in this case.

bokman o5 plus

These two earphones can also work absolutely independently, both when we listen to music and in the phase of call. I don't know, however, how much this second option will use, as the quality in this case is really bad. Not so much for us, but more for those who are on the other side of the handset, who complain of a metallic voice and a too pronounced background noise.


Inside the main case there is space for a 2.600 mAh, while each individual earbud features a small 60 mAh. We are more or less in line with what is offered by the market, although the autonomy guaranteed by the case is excellent. With the single earphones, however, you can do about 5 hours of continuous listening, with a slightly higher volume than the average recommended value. By maintaining a lower volume, however, it could even exceed 6 hours. About 7 hours of continuous replay are declared on the official website, but I think it's complicated to get to certain figures. Despite this, we are in the presence of a truly incredible pair of earphones in this respect.

I have never waited more than 2 hours for the product to fully charge.

Price & Conclusions

These Bokman O5 Plus they cost about 90 euros on Amazon. With our coupon that you find below, however, you can only pay them 76 €. This is by no means a small amount, and for what they offer perhaps it is a bit excessive. From several points of view, however, they turn out to be better than many other headphones sold at half its price. Despite everything, in any case, it is a company unknown to most, but which offers a solid and well-made product. At the audio level, then, they did not particularly surprise me, remaining on average quality, with calls that, unfortunately, are not quite up to the level of a product of this type.


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76,49 €

In case you are interested in trying TWS headphones, however, these could be a valid alternative to some more famous brands. It will be really difficult not to appreciate them on the audio side, although they are obviously not perfect. Excellent, then, the autonomy, which has proved to be quite generous, both in the case and inside the individual earphones.