The cheap BlitzWolf mop robot is even cheaper with coupons and shipping from Europe

blitzwolf discount code bw-vc3 offer robot vacuum cleaner

In recent years, many solutions have arrived in our homes to help us clean our domestic environments better. Among these, the always useful robot vacuum cleaner e vacuum cleaner floor cleaner, which exist in every price range and offering. One of these is definitely the BlitzWolf BW-VC3, which comes in discount with Coupon and shipping from Europe su Banggood to a price very convincing.

BlitzWolf BW-VC3: the vacuum cleaner robot vacuum cleaner is on offer with Coupon at Banggood

blitzwolf discount code bw-vc3 offer robot vacuum cleaner 2

The qualities of floor cleaning robot e BlitzWolf BW-VC3 vacuum cleaner, despite the price range, they are far from few: starting from a suction power from 1600 Pa, has a dust collection capacity of 500 ml and water up to 300 ml. It has a very good battery from 2600 mAh and weighs only 2.36 kg, while it has a compact size from 33.05 x 32.90 x 7.02 cm.

Of course, it also has smart features such as voice control, app monitoring, gyroscope and smart sensors.

The new robot vacuum cleaner e floor washer vacuum cleaner BlitzWolf BW-VC3 arrive in discount offer with Coupon su Banggood al price di 127€, excellent considering also the convenient shipping from Europe for free.

BlitzWolf BW-VC3 robot vacuum cleaner - Banggood

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