Lots of news from Amazon: new Echo, Fire Stick and Ring cameras

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Big news from Amazon: after the launch of cloud gaming Moon, the ecosystem of home automation devices is also undergoing a decisive renewal. Starting with the series Echo, with news for speakers and smart displays, passing through the new ones Fire TV Stick, the new routers eero 6 and also new branded surveillance cameras Ring.

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Amazon renews its home automation ecosystem: here are all the news

Echo / Echo Dot / Echo Show 10

The biggest news of the Echo series is the adoption of the new processor AZ1 Neural Edge, In collaboration with MediaTek. The chip makes Alexa more responsive, increasing the response speed by hundreds of milliseconds, although for the moment this boost will only affect the English language. Later it will be expanded to other languages ​​as well.

The new Amazon Echo represents the fourth generation of smart speakers, now with a new spherical design with the iconic blue LED circle at the base. The fabric texture is available in three colors and hides two tweeters and a 3 "woofer with Dolby optimization and improved audio quality. Like the Echo Studio, the new, more modest Echo is also capable of detecting the acoustics of the environment in which we place it and adjust the audio propagation accordingly. It is also a hub for our smart home, supporting communication standards such as Zigbee, Bluetooth LE and Amazon Sidewalk.

In the case of Echo Dot, the spherical design remains unchanged but with smaller dimensions and a single 1.6 ″ speaker. There is also a version equipped with LED display hidden under the fabric, with which to display the clock, alarms, timer and surrounding temperature. There is also a version Kids Edition, with Panda and Tiger colors, but not available in Italy for the moment.

Finally, Echo Show 10 is almost totally rethought, approaching the concept of Google Nest Hub. The 10 ″ HD smart display is now integrated into one self-rotating stand with brushless motor. This is able to follow you during the interaction via the video camera integrated 13 MP, with which you can also make video calls with zoom capability to keep you in the center of the frame. There is also the mode for group calls, being able to create groups of 8 contacts and family members to be recalled quickly via Alexa. The Echo Show 10 speaker also detects the room acoustics, adjusting the audio output provided by the two tweeters and the woofer used.

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Fire Stick and Fire Stick Lite

Let's move on to the new one Fire Stick, more powerful than 50% but with consumption reduced by 50% thanks to the new CPU quad-core at 1,7 GHz. The use of multimedia content also supports formats 1080p is 60 fps, as well as those HDR e Dolby Atmos for audio. It also improves connectivity, thanks to support Wi-Fi Dual Band to connect to 5 GHz networks and have a wider transmission band. In addition, the Fire Stick is equipped with an IR remote and Bluetooth, as well as with Alexa voice commands.

There is also the Fire Stick Lite, whose name "lite" derives from the absence of HDR, Dolby Atmos and a simplified remote control Alexa Voice Remote Lite.

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Fire TV Cube

The other novelty in the multimedia field is Fire TV Cube, a sort of cubic TV Box that we could consider the fusion of Echo and Fire TV. Inside is a hexa-core CPU with improved performance, 4K 60fps support, Dolby Vision, HDR10 + and Dolby Atmos. There are also eight microphones for voice inputs, which can also be used with the screen off simply as a smart speaker. Another interesting function is the multi-directional IR technology: voice commands can also be used to control other home automation devices, such as TVs, sound bars and so on.

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amazon fire cube

eero 6 and eero Pro 6

News also for the router world, with the launch of eero 6 e eero Pro 6. In the case of the latter, we have Zigbee and Wi-Fi 6 support, with tri-band technology with dual 5 GHz network and Wi-Fi mesh. They will be on sale at the price of 129,99€ e 229,99€.

eero 6 pro

Ring Car Alarm / Car Cam

Even the satellite company Ring has unveiled its news, starting from Car Alarm. The name is explicit enough: it is able to warn us of attempts to theft or damage. Just plug it into the car's diagnostic port and it even has an alarm siren. Its price will amount to 59,99$ and will be released by the end of the year.

Car Caminstead, it is one security camera designed to record internal and external of your own auto. Also in this case it can warn us if something unnoticed is happening, thanks to the double shot. In this case the price will rise to 199,99$.

ring car alarm

Always Home Cam

We conclude with the most bizarre of the products announced by Amazon, that is Always Home Cam. Apparently it's a simple one security camera, but it all takes on a different meaning if we tell you that it is mounted on a small self-driving drone. Thanks to this peculiar functionality, it is able to walk around the house framing every room that is accessible, then returning to the dock to recharge. The first start is performed to map the interiors, being able to set where we want a specific shot. The drone can fly on demand or wake up when another control device senses a break-in. It will cost 249,99$ and shipments are scheduled for the 2021.

always home cam

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