Xiaomi Roborock H6 costs half of a Dyson V11 Absolute and goes a bomb | Coupon

roborock h6

Xiaomi has set real records in the world of wireless vacuum cleaner economic, offering in some cases also products with high build quality at an affordable price. The brand new Xiaomi Roborock H6 falls fully into the category and today, thanks to the dedicated coupon of Geekbuying, can be yours at a super price (with shipping directly from Italian warehouses).

The Xiaomi Roborock H6 wireless vacuum cleaner is on offer with Coupon and shipping from Italy

Roborock H6 Adapt Xiaomi vacuum cleaner review

As we mentioned, the new wireless vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi offers top-level performance, keeping a low cost. There Roborock H6 can without too many doubts be compared to most emblazoned Dyson V11 thanks to the optimization of the engine which guarantees, in Eco mode, a battery life of approx 90 minutes. This result was also made possible by the management of the components which brings the weight of the product to just 1.4 kg.

roborock h6

It is in all respects a product premium which is however offered at a much lower price than its competitors and which, thanks to the Geekbuying discount code, it can be yours for only € 314. To purchase the wireless electric broom, all you have to do is enter the dedicated discount code after inserting the product in the box below in the cart. Furthermore - as this is an important purchase - take a look at our review in Casa del Roborock H6 to get an idea of ​​its potential!

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Shipped from ITALY

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