Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: unboxing video and specifications a few hours after launch

xiaomi mi 10 ultra unboxing

Xiaomi seems not to have finished the arrows of its bow and is about to launch a new flagship, which some rumors call Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (actually it will come as Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition at home). There have been rumors of him for several weeks, even with nicknames almost "Cas" or "Super Large Cup", not to mention Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Ultra. In all these cases, the smartphone is indicated with the code name of M2007J1SC. The fact is that all these clues help us to trace a fairly precise identikit and that we want to tell you about in this dedicated article.

Upgrade 11 / 08: Mi 10 Ultra appears on TENAA and with an unboxing a few hours after the event. Find all the details in the “Unboxing” section.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (Extreme Commemorative Edition) coming soon: everything we know so far

What is the name of the XNUMX-year flagship?

xiaomi mi 10 ultra

A lot of confusion has arisen around the name of the new flagship of the Mi 10 series, thanks to the desire to create hype and interest on the part of the Chinese company and the obvious linguistic differences. Lei Jun and associates initially started teasing fans by talking about a device Super Big Cup, in nice reference to its size or to the increased performance (which should be higher than those of the Mi 10 Pro, of course).

The name for the Chinese version was later confirmed: Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition. Yes, it's particularly long but there's no denying it has a certain charm. They come back to us: through a post on Weibo, Lei Jun answered some questions about the device. The executive confirmed that a Global version is planned (most likely also for Europe) and that it will arrive on international markets such as Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. We sweated seven shirts, but finally there we are: this is the name of the XNUMX-year flagship for us Westerners.

Furthermore, Lei Jun has also published an image of the sales package of the device, a very different solution than the usual boxes of the brand. For convenience, the whole article focuses on the name of the Global variant, so as to be easily consulted by enthusiasts looking for details on the flagship and (mainly) on its international incarnation.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra

Design and display

There is still not much to know about the features that Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will have: given the name used, we can imagine a look similar to Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro but with larger dimensions.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra china networks certification

According to what has been leaked so far, the display would live up to the highest level specifications expected, integrating one curved and perforated OLED screen with refresh rate a 120 Hz. If so, it would be in effect the first Xiaomi AMOLED smartphone with such a high refresh rate, so far exclusive only to the Redmi K30 series with LCD. TENAA certification confirms that a screen from 6.67 " Full HD + (2340 x 1080 pixels) with a single hole for the selfie camera, in a size of 162,38 x 75,04 x 9,42 mm.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra

The Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station continues to offer pearls dedicated to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: this time it reveals that the new flagship will be able to record content in HDR10 with resolution 8K, with a color depth a 10 bit. According to the leaker, the photographic sector - both photo and video side - has significantly improved, but we are not offered further details.

Speaking of design, the promotional posters posted on the net seem to have revealed the two colors with which Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be sold. That "base" will have a back in ceramic with a pearly color, while the top will be distinguished by one transparent back cover.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra colors


A few hours after the presentation, a very first appears on the net unboxing which reveals and confirms how Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be done. The back is the same as the one seen in the unofficial renderings, with its particular traffic light camera. The front might be disappointing for some, as it integrates a perforated display and not the much-discussed selfie camera in the screen.

Inside the package there is the new one Mi Charge Turbo charger, able to go up to 120W of power. We also see the 120x zoom camera, which we are given a very brief glimpse of.


With the advent of the Snapdragon 865 + a new wave of powerful smartphones arrives, as the relative scores demonstrate Antutu. Not only ROG Phone 3, Lenovo Legion e Red Magic 5S, but also the alleged Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The screenshot circulating on the net features the next Xiaomi flagship (with the initials M2007J1SC), ranking above any smartphone seen so far by 687.422 points. Even beyond the aforementioned gaming smartphones: compared to Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the most notable enhancements concern the GPU and graphic interface. Inside the Snapdragon 865+ always hides the same Adreno GPU 650 865, but with an increased frequency (645 versus 587 MHz).

In addition, the mysterious flagship appeared surprisingly also in the database Geekbench, always with the initials M2007J1SC (now associated with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme). The device scored 903 points in single-core and 3.233 points in multi-core; benchmarks reveal the presence of an octa-core Qualcomm processor with a base frequency of 1.8 GHz and 12 GB of RAM. The operating system is based on Android 10.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra

The memories L e UFS 3.1 they will be more than advanced for Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The ceramic version will boast two cuts from 8 / 256 GB e 12 / 256 GB, while the top with transparent back always two but from 12 / 256 GB e 16 / 512 GB.

Speaking of battery, the Chinese leaker DigitalChatStation spoke of a unity "very satisfying”For greater autonomy. As expected, Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme will adopt a solution similar to that of the younger brothers, that is, a unit from 4.500 mAh. To date, this is the standard to which all the main manufacturers have aligned themselves, with the exception of the most energy-consuming gaming smartphones. This was revealed by the TUV Rheinland certification, specifying that the smartphone contains a pair of 2.250 mAh units.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra battery

One of the main novelties of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra would be represented by new quick charge, able to bring it back to 100% in a few minutes. The device appeared in the database of the Chinese 3C body, confirming support for 120W (20V 6A). Obviously, the 3C body also confirms connectivity support 5Gbut of this we had no doubts. But it does not end there: Mi 10 Extreme will go further, having on his side wireless charging to 55W. It is rumored, then, that the smartphone will also have a very fast reverse wireless charging by standards, perhaps higher than the 5W of Mi 10 Pro.

xiaomi 120w

Lei Jun - CEO and key figure when it comes to the Chinese brand - has published some "suspicious" specifications on Weibo. That it is a reference to Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra? The post refers to the essential features on board modern smartphones, elements that put manufacturers in the grips of the most varied design problems. Lei Jun asks fans what the necessary features are, accompanying everything with a particularly large list.

This includes: dual speaker configuration, improved vibration motor, high refresh rate, mini-jack, NFC, IR (infrared) sensor, 30X zoom or better, front and rear optical sensors (for more precise automatic brightness), 4.500 mAh battery or better , wireless charging, Vapor Chamber cooling system

xiaomi mi 10 ultra specific images output price leak 8

Lu Weibing, current CEO of Redmi, posted a status on Weibo where he says that the new smartphone he is using is really good (in Chinese he writes "really easy to use"Literally) and the social network indicates a Xiaomi smartphone as the origin of the post. For Chinese industry experts it seems to be undoubtedly the Mi 10 Ultra, which now only has to be presented.

In short, it is a very precise list of features. Will it be a simple survey or are you Jun anticipating what will be the characteristics of the new flagship?

A new promotional image appears on the net and with it some of the specific keys of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The new cooling system with vapor chamber and graphite layers is mentioned, as well as a ID sensor in the new generation display. The revamped vibration motor is also mentioned, as is the double stereo speaker with HiRes support and custom algorithms for audio and microphones.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra


An upgrade from the top of the range like Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is expected already remarkable Mi 10 Pro. Initially it was speculated that the smartphone should have had a module on board 108 MP, the same (at least in terms of MP) of Mi 10 Pro. On the contrary, a string discovered by the XDA developers has lowered the forecasts, given that the presence of a sensor is cited "by itself" 48 MP. As for the rest of the features, there would be form with optical zoom advanced and a mode supermoon.

Would not miss a wide angle also capable of taking shots macro: this means that the smartphone will have at least a triple configuration, even if an additional ToF sensor could add up. As for the selfie camera, we only know that Mi 10 Extreme should keep a single single embedded in the screen.

xiaomi 108mp

Images appear on the net that would immortalize a protective houses for Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, apparently official or unofficial, with a carbon-fiber-like texture.

The leaked photos, both live and in render, highlight a large clipping used to host a photographic form which looks very bulky. The written "100x Infinity Zoom”Would confirm the desire to follow what has been done with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. If there are doubts about it, Mi 10 Extreme will also be able to record 8K video thanks to the hardware sector implemented.

As for the selfie camera, rumors take for granted the theory according to which Mi 10 Ultra would be the first with selfie camera below the display.

The launch of Mi 10 Ultra is approaching and, as expected, the leaks begin to become consistent. The promotional posters published in preview reveal how the camera will be made, less bulky than what is revealed by the protective case above. With vertical arrangement, we see a quad camera complete with advanced periscope telephoto lens, capable of offering one zoom 120x record-breaking. However, the focal length from 12 120-mm makes us understand that (in addition to being a very wide angle) we are in front of one 5x optical zoom. There will be a lot of software work, therefore, to achieve such an advanced zoom.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra - Price and release date

xiaomi mi 10 ultra price

Among the first rumors on Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra there was talk of the price and release date on the market in China. The leaked image online highlights a suitably censored slide, with a pair of scissors 6.000 / 6.999 yuan. If so, the smartphone would cost around 750 / 880 € and it would be one of the most expensive models ever (I MIX Alpha excluding).

As proof of this, an Indian leaker has published a possible preview regarding the prices and variants of the device, partly confirming what has been seen previously. According to reports, the price of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will start from 6299 yuan (765€) for the version from 12 / 256 GB, then rose to 6.999 yuan (850€) for the model from 12 / 512 GB. The leaked image also shows the possible prices of the K30 Extreme, another Commemorative Edition coming soon.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra appeared on an online store, highlighting the price of 6.999 yuan, equal to approximately 853€, for the variant from 128 GB. It would therefore be higher than previously estimated.

xiaomi mi 10 ultra price

About the release date, Lei Jun announced an event for Weibo11 August, during which he will give a speech on the occasion of the 10 years of the brand. In short, the perfect opportunity to present the new top of the range and in fact the same Chinese house has officially announced the debut of the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, coming in version Global How Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

xiaomi mi 10 extreme

As it is easy to guess, the device represents a way to commemorate the 10 years of activity of the Asian brand and will do it in style according to the rumors collected so far.

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