10 years of Xiaomi: a precious commemorative gold coin on sale

xiaomi gold coin

Xiaomi celebrated their own decennial in various forms, starting with the launch of the new progenitors of the smartphone world. I mean Xiaomi mi 10 ultra and its record-breaking technologies, e Redmi K30 Ultra, promptly sold out given the inviting price. But that's not all: in the days following the event, various products on YouPin that symbolize the 10 years of the brand. For example the nice ones action figure of the mascot Mitu, but also a more serious one commemorative gold coin.

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This gold coin was launched by Xiaomi to celebrate its tenth anniversary

It is not the first time that Xiaomi has dealt with this precious material. We remember the gold plated statuettes of Mitu for the most deserving employees, as well as i various jewelry also offered for sale on YouPin. Usually on the crowdfunding platform we see products for an audience that aspires to have the cheapest product possible. In the case of this commemorative coin it goes without saying that it is a purely aesthetic gadget, intended for the most avid collectors.

Certified by the China Gold Coin Corporation, it is a hexagonal shaped coin in pure 999 gold, finely worked on both sides. On the one hand we find the celebration of the period from 2010 to 2020, the years in which Xiaomi has become the reality we know today. Do not miss the slogan adopted for the occasion: "Our mission is the sea of ​​stars“, To symbolize the will to always aim high. On the other hand, however, we find Mitu, the historic mascot of the Lei Jun brand, in the role of the astronaut in search of the stars.

Two versions of the commemorative coin are available: a smaller 3g and one full-size of 10 g, proposed at a price of 1482 and 4940 yuan, approximately €181 e €604. Given the type of product, both are available in limited edition, equal to 10.000 pieces for the first and 5.000 for the second.

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