Xiaomi announces the camera under the third generation display: this time no compromise!

xiaomi mi 10 ultra camera under display

While we are awaiting the debut of ZTE Axon 20, the world's first "commercial" smartphone with an under-display camera, Xiaomi announces the third generation of its version of this innovative technology with a very unique prototype based on My 10 Ultra. Furthermore, according to CEO Lei Jun, the Chinese company would be ready for mass production!

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with camera under the display: the new third generation technology is official

The brand announcement comes via social media channels, complete with a video showing the third generation of technology with camera below the display from Xiaomi in action. The device is based on the company's latest top model, namely the Xiaomi mi 10 ultra: in this case the punch hole is abandoned in favor of a solution that allows you to have an “invisible” selfie camera on board. Below you will find some pictures from vivo of the prototype, along with Lei Jun's announcement on Weibo.

In this round the company has succeeded in the understanding of do not compromise the photographic quality self-portraits. While the second generation was able to hide the selfie camera by reducing the number of pixels on the panel above it, in this case it was possible to avoid the compromise: the point where the selfie camera is located has a pixel density similar to that of the rest of the display and to “see” the photographic module you have to really make an effort; all of this was achieved without lowering the quality of the sensor.

The new version of Xiaomi's technology has made it possible to have a camera under the display capable of capturing the necessary amount of light, shooting like a traditional module. Lei Jun also confirms that the mass production will start in 2021 and therefore during the year the device will be available to the public! As for the design, we remind you that this is only one prototype and the final version may not necessarily be the same as the Xiaomi mi 10 ultra.

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