WeChat banned: the complaint against the US government starts

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The decision of U.S. Government led by Donald Trump of ban WeChat it is proving to be complex, given the extent of the ensuing damage. Right from the start, the rumor spread that banning the use of the app on American stores, Apple in the first place, will compromise not poco iPhone sales. Another consequence is the anger aroused in the users of the famous Chinese social, to the point of filing one lawsuit against the US administration.

Huawei vs USA: American secret services accused of espionage

The US government bans WeChat but users are not there and report what happened

It was not WeChat or the developer Tencent who sued the Trump government directly, but the WeChat Users Alliance. It is a non-profit association made up of users who feel dependent on the use of WeChat, both for personal and business reasons. The motivation is behind the unconstitutionality of the move, aimed at harm the daily life of the Sino-American population.

"It is the leading Chinese app in the USA with which loved ones connect, share special moments, discuss ideas, get the latest news and participate in political discussion". Without considering that the platform is used for mobile and online payments. In short, WeChat is considered an essential app for the normal daily life of users based in China and the United States of America. As the lawyer who is handling the case points out, the hope is that the US government will provide more details on the reason for such an impactful choice.

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As expected, some confusion has arisen after the publication of the executive order vetoing WeChat. Basically, the decision provides that WeChat, as well as TikTok, can no longer have ties with the US. It has not yet been clearly specified which ties are being talked about, in addition to the clearly economic ones with partner companies based in America. The will of the Trump government would be to remove the app from the Google and Apple, preventing users from using it. The same has already happened in India, where the national government has decided to ban WeChat and many other Chinese apps.

Why did the US ban WeChat and TikTok?

As stated by the Trump order, WeChat and TikTok are accused of one unlawful collection of data of users. These data would risk being passed over to the Chinese Communist Party, giving it the opportunity to create disinformation campaigns. In addition to Chinese associations, several American companies have opposed the Trump government's decision, such as Apple, Disney, Ford and Walmart. A total ban on WeChat would imply major problems for their businesses.

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