Tronsmart Apollo Bold review: NOISE CANCELLATION is within everyone's reach (and works well)

Despite being unknown to most, Tronsmart is one of the companies that in the last period has been growing most in the world of wireless Bluetooth earphones (TWS), also and above all thanks to products sold at practically low prices, but characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio and able to guarantee an excellent degree of user satisfaction. Products designed and made by art, on which the GeekBuying company is focusing a lot and which, in addition to the Chinese store, are also on sale on Amazon Italy.

But it is with the Tronsmart Apollo Bold that the company has decided to take a decidedly more substantial step forward, putting itself in strong competition in the medium-high range of TWS earphones, with a product that - on paper - has all the potential to do so. But will it be able to face the challenge?

Tronsmart Apollo Bold review: noise cancellation is within everyone's reach

Package Contents

Already from the first approach with the packaging of the Tronsmart Apollo Bold, we realize how much the Chinese company considers this model of wireless earphones a step higher than the other models it offers. The box is much larger, more rigid, has a top box cover in which a series of additional information on the earphones is revealed.


Inside everything is very neat, and in addition to the headphones with the attached charging cover, there are 2 pairs of different sized rubber pads, a USB-C cable for charging the transport case, all the necessary documentation and a dubious clutch bag usefulness: what sense does it make to insert a cover, already designed for the transport and protection of headphones, in another "handbag"?

Design and materials

With a weight of only 7 grams and with a circular design that, let's say, is not really very small, both the earbuds and the charging cover are characterized by a very pleasant circular design. On each earphone there is a small frame made of copper color, and given the shape, the weight, the three points of support in the ear pads and the rubber pads that come out of the box, the Tronsmart Apollo Bold they are perfect wireless earbuds also for sporting use and manage to guarantee a firm hold in the ear.

They are also quite comfortable, even if we would have preferred a slightly less marked visual impact when wearing them, and they can also be used for a long time without any type of fatigue or particular pain. They also integrate a proximity sensor with which it was possible to implement the automatic stop function once removed from the ear, together with an LED which indicates the coupling with the device.

Le surfaces are touch they allow the control of music reproduction, while under the copper-colored edge are hidden LDS antennas designed to guarantee a stable connection with the smartphone: in optimal conditions they work well beyond the 15 meters declared by the company.

In short, it is a pair of TWS designed for be used in any situation, with a decidedly high construction quality for the price range in which IP45 are also inserted and certified, to resist sweat and possible rain. But no: they cannot be used in the swimming pool.

Smart functions

Once the first paring with the device has been carried out, the connection of the Tronsmart Apollo Bold it will be practically immediate. It is also possible to use a single headset, perhaps for phone calls, and both Android and iOS will display the percentage of remaining charge of each of the TWS.

Via touch controls, which can be managed via single touch, doppio, triple e extended, it will be possible not only to manage phone calls or music playback, but also to use the voice assistant installed on the smartphone to which they are connected and manage the playback volume control.

Currently, however, these headsets are not paired with a proprietary application, and even if the company has guaranteed the release of an app by the autumn of 2020, to date it is not possible to manage its settings or customize the functions connected to the surfaces touch. Which is a real shame, because being able to decide how to activate the noise reduction or the ambient mode, or with which gesture to activate or deactivate the noise reduction, would have been very convenient especially because the touch surface is present in both earphones.

Audio quality - Tronsmart Apollo Bold

The audio quality of the Tronsmart Apollo Bold it is essentially characterized by two main factors: a very high listening volume, typical of the company's products, and the presence of technology Qualcomm DSP and CVC which, combined with tech ANC, manages to guarantee an almost total and excellent quality noise reduction, which is activated with three taps on the touch surface and also integrates an Ambient mode with which the ambient sounds will be amplified, eliminating all that typical plug effect of the earphones in -ear: I must say that the feedgorward and the ANC feedback do an excellent job, also thanks to the 6 microphones with which the earphones detect ambient noise.

Here is the complete data sheet of the Tronsmart Apollo Bold:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with protocols HFP/HSP/A/A2DP;
  • Six microphones equipped with noise canceling and CVC;
  • Three modes of use: ANC, music and transparency;
  • Technology Qualcomm aptXANC e CVC;
  • Technology TrueWireless Stereo Plus;
  • chip Qualcomm QCC5124 that supports aptXAAC ed SBC;
  • Transmission distance of 15 meters;
  • Certification IP45;
  • 10mm graphene driver;
  • Impedance of 32Ω ± 15%;
  • Headphone dimensions: 16.86 x 23.13 x 23.96 mm;
  • Case dimensions: 29.45 x 19.03 mm;
  • Net weight of the headphones: about 7 grams;
  • Net case weight: about 54 grams;
  • Headphone battery 85 mAh;
  • Case battery 500 mAh.

However, as far as the practical use of the earphones is concerned, the presence of the Qualcomm chip really makes the difference, and the hand dell 'aptX it is felt markedly above all when listening to loseless songs: latency is very low, energy consumption is reduced and yield and definition are of high quality (always in relation to the price range) at each frequency. The drivers are 10mm and made of graphene, a very important feature to avoid distortions even at very high volumes.

Listening to Flac files, or Spotify or YouTube, I have never encountered any noteworthy listening problems and even watching movies or TV series streaming on Netflix the experience is very pleasant, also thanks to the latency practically zeroed by the chip QCC5124 by Qualcom, a quadcore that also supports SBC, AAC and - clearly - aptX.

Good too the audio on call, both in reception and in transmission, always very reliable and faithful, which is also compatible with VoLTE and HD calls: the audio is crystal clear and whoever is on the other side of the phone can listen even in very noisy environments.

Battery life

La battery from 85 mAh integrated in each of the two Bluetooth headsets it is able to guarantee an autonomy of approx 9 hours of continuous listening, which become about 30 taking advantage of the recharge through the transport case which integrates a battery from 500 mAh. And it is a good result that, among other things, in our tests we noticed that everything was in line with what was declared by the company.

The most interesting thing, however, is the fast charging support even in the earphones: once you download them, just insert them into the case for about 10 minutes to get a recharge that can guarantee an additional hour of listening.

Selling price in Italy - Tronsmart Apollo Bold

Although it is possible to buy the Tronsmart Apollo Bold also on Amazon, our advice is to buy them directly through GeekBuying. And for two reasons: the first is that Tronsmart is a brand owned by the Chinese store, the second is that in this way you can save about 20 euros.

With the NNNGIZ10OF coupon and using the link below, it will be possible to take the Tronsmart Apollo Bold at 76,40 euro with direct shipping from Italy, therefore without customs problems and with fast delivery.


The extra gear Tronsmart Apollo Bold it is undoubtedly the presence of the Qualcomm chip which not only guarantees high audio quality, but which makes possible an active noise reduction to say the least poco excellent. It is a product suitable for any type of use, even for sportsmen, which is able to stand out in the sea of ​​TWS without personality now present on the market.

The only negative note could perhaps be the size of the earphones, perhaps slightly larger than the average, but the presence of the ANC animated by Qualcomm makes the Tronsmart Apollo Bold among the earphones with the most balanced quality / price ratio of this torrid summer 2020.

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Package Contents
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Audio quality
Noise cancellation
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tronsmart-apollo-bold-review-noise-cancellationDespite being unknown to most, Tronsmart is one of the companies that in the last period is growing more in the world of wireless Bluetooth headsets (TWS), also and above all thanks to products sold at practically bargain prices, but characterized by an excellent value for money and in...