Walmart will help Microsoft detect TikTok: why should a supermarket buy a social network?

tiktok walmart partner microsoft acquisition usa

TikTok seems to have become in the USA like the Holy Grail. In fact, after the imposition of the Ban wanted by Trump which then turned out to be a purchase tax by an American company, the social network owned by the Chinese giant ByteDance it is tempting to everyone, even to giants of a different sector, such as that of physical stores such as Walmart, which will become a partner of Microsoft in the acquisition.

TikTok could become Walmart's showcase, according to experts

tiktok walmart partner microsoft acquisition usa 2

Following the pressing declaration of the CNBC Yesterday, August 27th, 2020, which has seen Microsoft accelerate the closing of the deal, which triggered a domino effect that led to resignation of the now ex Kevin Mayer CEO, the interest of Walmart in being able to have a minority stake in the acquisition of TikTok.

So what would this partnership entail? For Walmart it would be a considerable opportunity to increase the breadth of the dealer of its chain extended throughout the territory USA and not only. In fact, with the solo 3% of the total share, the colossus of the family Walton could make it TikTok not only its own showcase, but also its own sales platform.

The customization it would bring Walmart su TikTok it could bring the chain closer to younger and more varied customers by moving its own marketing budget from Google, Facebook and Amazon to the Chinese social network, which by collecting user data would allow to optimize the products to be offered.

In short, it seems that TikTok it is a kind of land of good luck for everyone, if a supermarket chain wants to become its owner, albeit in a small way.

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