Shot On OnePlus: the new photo contest has a natural theme

shot on oneplus

Time ago Shot On OnePlus is part of the many activities that the company is used to promote on its social networks. Especially nowadays, where smartphone photography is a dominant aspect in the tastes of the community. After the recent Creative Toning Challenge and Creative Thoughts Challenge, the new edition of Shot On OnePlus opens the month of August in the name of nature.

Each edition of the Shot On OnePlus contest has a specific theme, so that users focus on a specific subject and there are parameters outlined. The theme on this tour is Landscapes and Water: participants will have to capture glimpses of nature, as you can see in these example images.

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The Shot On OnePlus contest allows you to give vent to your photographic creativity

"The scenery of the landscape is what surrounds us. These scenes can include a field, a forest, mountains, waterfalls, a lake with mountains and so on. The combination of landscape and bodies of water is great. However, if there is no landscape water nearby, use the skills to capture the landscape around you. Yes, the idea of ​​the landscape recalls nature. However, for those who may not be able to be in nature, panoramic views of the city skyline or the city with nature will also be accepted. But no images of plants with water drops on top, are not the goal of this month."

The guidelines to follow to take part in the Shot On OnePlus contest you can find them in the dedicated thread, where you are told which parameters to respect, including 3 maximum photos per post and 4 posts per month. The photos will have to be taken during August, at the latest during the last week of July: you can also use additional hardware for shooting, as well as software for post production.

Each week a winner will be announced, for a total of four winners for the month of August: each of them will win a couple of OnePlus Buds. We only hope that i don't happen on this tour problemi di sicurezza happened last year, as well as plagiarism problems.

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