Roidmi's new very fast electric inflator is crowdfunding on Indiegogo

roidmi electric inflator xiaomi mojietu tire inflator indiegogo price

Summer, usually, is always synonymous with travel, travel but also with outdoor bike rides. And if we use a road vehicle, it is good to keep the tyres and wheels always with the right pressure, but to avoid boring inflation sessions, the new ultra-fast inflator electric di Roidmi, partner brand of Xiaomi already for vacuum cleanersin through crowdfunding su Indiegogo could be right for you, given the price very interesting.

The Roidmi electric inflator inflates wheels and balls in seconds

roidmi electric inflator xiaomi mojietu tire inflator indiegogo price 2

If we look at the design of the electric inflator Roidmi, we are faced with a compact product that is certainly comfortable to carry, but portability is not the only secret of the new partner product. Xiaomi. Indeed, the power of Mojietu Tire Inflator allows to inflate bike wheels, car tires o balloons in a few seconds, without too many wizardries, by simply clicking on the button Home. Furthermore, it adjusts itself according to the type of product to be inflated, simply by selecting it on the LCD touch display, also assisted by four spouts, each for each mode.

Looking at the electrical power of the electric inflator Roidmi Mojietu Tire Inflator, we find a large battery from 2600 mAh, which is recharged in 3-4 hours and well 3 lighting modes useful for when using it notte, both to do light, both to indicate our presence on the street to other cars. In addition, it resists temperatures between -10 ° up to 45 ° C.

But how much does this useful partner accessory cost Xiaomi? The electric inflator Roidmi Mojietu Tire Inflator is currently in crowdfunding on Indiegogo al price starting $ 59 (approx €50), even though they have currently entered the mass production and shipments will take place within September 2020.

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