Xiaomi Xiaowei X6 soap dispenser review: the automatic soap dispenser that guarantees hygiene and ease of use

Just bring your hands close to the dispenser to see a soft white foam created using normal hand soap descend. No physical contact, maximum hygiene, with very interesting savings. These are the strengths of the Xiaomi Xiaowei X6 Automatic Soap Dispenser, an automatic soap dispenser from the Mijia family, that is produced by a company external to Xiaomi, but marketed and guaranteed by the Chinese giant.

But these automatic soap dispensers how comfortable are they to use? And above all how long do they last over time? It is on the basis of these question marks that we tested the product, obtaining very interesting answers.

Xiaomi Automatic Soap soap dispenser review


As well as all other Xiaomi products, even the automatic soap dispenser it is accompanied by a minimalist packaging, but with everything necessary for the immediate functioning of the product. In addition to the heart of the device, i.e. the upper part that integrates the motor and proximity sensors, the soap dispenser produced by Xiaomi is sold together with a container in which it is necessary to insert the soap. The four AA batteries needed to operate the device, are not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

Design and materials

The design of the Xiaomi soap dispenser it is decidedly minimalist, the coloring is unique (and it is white) and on the device there are no elements that stand out particularly to the eye. At the top there is the button for switching on the system, and just below the delivery nozzle there is a black area, in which the proximity sensors that will activate the delivery are inserted.

The lower area, on the other hand, is totally dedicated to the soap container, which it is able to contain 350 ml of liquid, in order to guarantee about 400 uses before being recharged.


To allow the Xiaomi soap dispenser the creation of a foam that is correct and pleasant to wash, just insert water and liquid soap for the hands with a ratio of 70/30. At the first use, the dispenser must be activated several times to ensure that the foam is composed, but once it is fully operational, operation will be extremely simple.

By bringing your hands together at a distance that can vary between 0 and 5 centimeters, in 0.25 seconds the system will detect the proximity, create the patented pump and dispense the foam. That's all.

According to the company, the method used to generate the soap foam will not only allow you to wash your hands without touching anything (and with dirty hands, not having to touch anything to access the soap is a holy thing) but it will guarantee a savings of about 50% on the amount of soap used. Which is not bad.

Either way, there is little to say about soap dispenser from Xiaomi, except that it is a simple, functional product and with which we have never encountered any operating problems: the batteries should guarantee an average autonomy of about 6 months before being replaced, and the system has always worked correctly.

Selling price and conclusions

You can buy it Xiaomi Xiaowei X6 Automatic Soap Dispenser from Bangood to € 13,90 using the coupon and the link you find below. And it goes without saying that this is a price more than suitable for the type of product (and for everyone's pockets).

It is a automatic soap dispenser which can be ideal for bathrooms or in the kitchen, but also at work, in restaurants, hotels or other types of public places where, never as in this period, hygiene becomes an even more fundamental thing. It has been designed to guarantee hygiene, savings and ease of use: and it fully keeps its promises.

Xiaomi automatic soap dispenser - Bangood

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