Realme X50 Pro and X3 SuperZoom update in Europe

realme x50 pro realme x3 superzoom

Available for purchase also in Europe, Realme X50 Pro e X3 SuperZoom are getting a new one updating right on our continent. Apparently very similar to each other, the two models are receiving different updates, with non-overlapping changes. With the exception of the renewed security patches, the respective updates bring with them various changes: let's see them in more detail.

Realme confirms the models that will have Android 11

A new update arrives for Realme X50 Pro and X3 SuperZoom

Starting from Realme X50 Pro, the firmware update A.28 optimizes sectors such as interface, gaming and Game Space, Bluetooth, notifications and connectivity. See the complete changelog as well as the download link below.

  • Safety
    • Android security patch: June and July 2020
  • Status bar
    • Added 5G Switch in the notification panel
  • Game Space
    • Added auto play function
  • Settings
    • Optimized the transparency of the style of the swipe back gestures
    • Optimized the default brightness adjustment mechanism in Energy Saver mode
    • Optimized the automatic shutdown mechanism when loaded in Energy Saver mode
  • Bluetooth
    • Fixed issue with uneven volume change of first levels when connecting Bluetooth headset
    • Fixed lower volume issue when connected to Airpods / Enco Free
  • Giochi
    • PUBG's energy consumption problem has been optimized
    • Optimized the problem of heating games
  • Notifications
    • Fixed the ringtone issue for NFC file transfer after changing the NFC notification sound
  • Network
    • Optimized network stability and performance
  • System
    • Optimized Airplane mode, Bluetooth status will not be affected after activating the mode
    • Optimized the problem with the input methods that sometimes result in a double click even with a single touch
    • Optimized the compatibility of third-party applications in Dark Mode
    • Fixed an issue where the status bar occasionally flashes when Dark Mode is activated

Download the RMX2076EU_11.A.28 for Realme X50 Pro

For Realme X3 SuperZoomhowever, the firmware being rolled out in Europe is the A.38. Also in this case there are several system optimizations: we leave you with the changelog and the download link.

  • Safety
    • Android security patch updated: July 2020
  • realme Lab
    • Smooth scroll function added
  • Status bar
    • Optimized the problem of displaying the timetable
  • Settings
    • Optimized the default state of reducing the screen brightness switch in power saving mode
  • Bluetooth
    • Fixed problem with voice jam when connecting Bluetooth headset using LDAC codec
  • System
    • Optimized Airplane mode, Bluetooth status will not be affected after activating the mode
    • Optimized system energy consumption

Download the RMX2081EU_11.A.38 for Realme X3 SuperZoom

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