Realme launched its first wireless charger

Realme Wireless Charger 10W wireless charger 10w

Some time ago the CEO of the brand had anticipated the arrival of the first wireless charger branded Realme, without going into too much detail but confirming that this solution would debut during the summer. Well on the official Indian store has peeped Realme Wireless Charger 10W: we hope it will also come to us and in the meantime let's take a look at features e price of the new wireless charger.

Official Realme Wireless Charger 10W: all about the brand's first wireless charger

Design and features

Realme Wireless Charger 10W wireless charger 10w

The first Qi wireless charger di Realme comes with a minial and elegant design: it is a disc of just 9 mm thick, coated with a special one matte varnish which makes the device "rough" to the touch and non-slip. The upper part houses a LED to indicate the charging status while it can be connected to the power via a port Type-C present along the circumference.

Realme Wireless Charger is able to charge devices up to 10W and has a system for detecting foreign objects: by placing keys, metal objects in general or magnetic cards on it, the wireless charger will automatically turn off.

Realme Wireless Charger 10W - Price and availability of the new wireless charger

Realme Wireless Charger 10W wireless charger 10w

The price of Realme Wireless Charger 10W it is just 899 Indian rupees, approx 10€ at the current exchange rate. It is therefore an economic and unpretentious solution, albeit with an elegant design that goes well with any environment. At the moment the Realme wireless charger is only available in India and there are no details about a possible commercialization in Europe. However the arrival of numerous products from the brand's ecosystem over the past few months it bodes well.

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