OnePlus Nord: how to install the Google Camera

oneplus north google camera

OnePlus North it is one of the best options if you are considering buying a mid-range smartphone. Not being a top of the range, there are some aspects that are good but not excellent. For example the photographic quality, with the new OnePlus model that performs well but is definitely not definable as a camera phone. Especially if you compare it with a direct competitor like Google Pixel 4a, although arriving on the market in the coming months. In this regard, we want to explain how to install the Google Camera and get better quality in the photos you take.

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How to install the Google Camera on OnePlus Nord

La quad camera of OnePlus Nord is as follows: a 48 MP f/1.8 with OIS, an 8 MP wide angle, a macro and a depth sensor. A rather complete configuration but you know, the software determines the final result, being able to move not by poco the needle of the balance. Precisely for this reason, the Google Camera is a very useful element to take advantage of Google's software qualities.

Fortunately, OnePlus Nord is an easily "moddable" smartphone, unlike Xiaomi devices for which it is necessary to resort to additional operations every now and then. Installing the Gcam is very simple: you just need to download one of the two available versions.

Download the Google Camera for OnePlus Nord
Arnova 7.4 Beta
Urnyx 7.3

Once you have downloaded the APK file, just install it on OnePlus Nord and that's it. At this point you can use the app to take pictures and compare them to those taken with the OxygenOS 10 Camera app. Above you have some comparison images.

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