Kongten MBrush review: the smallest color printer in the world!

Kongten MBrush

In the past we have reviewed the strangest products, come on self-heating jackets to portable aquariums, but never as today I am happy to tell you about something even smarter and more particular, that is one of the smallest portable color printers in the world. His name is Kongten MBrush and is sold on GeekBuying with fast shipping from Italy.

What are its peculiarities? How does it work? How much? We just have to find out in the article!

Kongten MBrush Review

Unboxing - Kongten MBrush

Inside the sales package we find the following equipment:

  • Kongten MBrush;
  • 1 multicolor cartridge;
  • USB cable - Micro USB for charging;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

From the point of view of the design there is very little to say, as it is a small parallelepiped in white plastic with a transparent door. In general it is nice and the plastics used are well made.

La construction therefore it is solid e compact and the dimensions are 72 x 68 x 51 millimeters for a weight of approx 150 grams. These make it one of the smallest color printers in the world and of course it can fit into any backpack and even jackets and bags.

Kongten MBrush

On the upper side we find the button to start the print, unlike the lower one on which we find the switch for the ignition and the one for blocking the cartridge slot. We then find a magnetic cover that closes access to the buttons and on the side the USB Type-C input for charging.

To insert the cartridge will be very simple: just unlock the slot, insert it with the purple plastic facing upwards and lock the door again.

Connectivity and operation

La print with the Kongten MBrush it can happen through the Wi-Fi or via USB. Let's see how to do with the first method:

  • First we turn on the printer through the button;
  • We activate the Wi-Fi on the smartphone and look for the network generated by the MBrush;
  • We use the pass "12345678";
  • We scan the QR Code to go to the configuration page or enter the address in the browser;
  • Once we land here we can carry out all the operations to print.

The second method involves connecting the Kongten MBrush al PC and go straight to point 4. If you are using Windows you may need to install the drivers first. Find everything in the instruction manual.

Kongten MBrush

Actually I notice a flaw here, because it would have been easier and faster to use a real application to do everything. In fact, if I want to download an image from the web to print it, I will have to disconnect the connection with the MBrush, search for it, download it, reconnect to Kongten and then print it.

Aside from that, the web page is pretty fast e rich di functionality. To print something you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to New;
  • add an image, text or custom font;
  • Change the shape, size, number and order of the contents;
  • “Save” to save the project if you want to modify it again in the future, or directly “Print preview”;
  • At that point we will be able to play with the saturation, brightness, color density;
  • Click again on "Print";
  • Take the Kongten MBrush, push the print button and slide it over the surface you want to mark.

At this stage I advise you not to go too fast or too slow, as the print could be damaged and come either too stretched or too tight.

Kongten MBrush

It will be possible to cancel the printing by pressing the button again, but it will also be possible to print files larger than the size of the “roller” and in that case we should give more streaks. However, you run the risk of missing the exact point and printing on different layers.

In any case the standard print it has rather dimensions small and it is ideal just for gods logos. You can try with some well-processed photos, but the result will not be great because it is not meant for that. No problem with badges, logos, writings or other similar content.

Another aspect to consider is the matter on which you print, as it seems that the manufacturer gives full support on all surfaces, but in reality this is not the case. In fact, the Kongten MBrush it goes very well on paper, cardboard, some kind of fabric on which, among other things, it will be permanently, while it will be useless and ineffective on glass, metal, Plastics or smooth materials, on which it will go off with a little water.

on skin, of course, only one will come puddle of ink. In any case, it will be possible to buy the spare parts standard cartridge or that permanent (indelible).

Concluding this aspect, I remind you that within the site you can manage different options, for example the size of the print, color calibration, density and DPI and much more.

The manufacturer lets us know that with a cartridge you can print up to 415 full A4 pages, with which you could cover 1 year if you use it daily. At the bottom of the article I leave you the link to purchase replacement cartridges.


La Kongten MBrush owns a battery from 900 mAh, which allows us to print for about 5 hours straight. According to the manufacturer, with such a battery this device would last 1 year on standby. Not having it for so long we leave him the benefit of the doubt.

To fully recharge it will take approx 2 hours.


We arrive at conclusions and as always we start from price, as the Kongten MBrush is available a 76 € su GeekBuying with shipping fromItaly with Bartolini and delivery in approx 2 days working, while the standard cartridges e permanent they come respectively 25 e 33 €.

In short, the figures are not exactly contained for a product that it is not for everyone. Honestly, I struggle to find a sensible use that can justify the expense, as it seems more a product suitable for leisure.

Thinking about it together you could customize T-shirts, fabrics, sheets or objects in particular, but the quality and precision are amateur and I don't think they are suitable for commercial purposes.

Summing up we are talking about a fun device, but one that costs a bit too much. You probably pay for the particularity, the extravagance and the uniqueness.

MBrush Mobile Color Printer - GeekBuying

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