Jimmy JV85 Pro Review: It's MORE POWERFUL than the Dyson V11, but costs half as much (and has more accessories)

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Recently presented, the Jimmy JV85 Pro is the latest among the cordless electric brooms equipped with cyclonic technology and produced by the partner company of Xiaomi. A product born after more than a year of development and design by the team, which is recognized for the articulated tube and some peculiar characteristics that put it in direct competition with the Dyson V11, the Dreame and the Roborock.

This, however, at least on paper. The reality is that, especially in recent times, the wireless vacuum cleaner market is growing rapidly, and there are many Chinese brands that are persistently trying to compete with the more famous Dyson. Except in some cases, however, often these are unsuccessful attempts essentially due to two very specific factors: the suction power and, above all, the battery life.

Will the engineers of Jimmy be able to design a product suited to the increasingly high expectations of users? And, above all, the Jimmy JV85 Pro is it really able to compete with the top of the range of the most famous companies? One thing is certain, as far as it promises it really costs poco: the price of the direct competitor of the Dyson V11 is 369 euros, and as a gift the company will also include a vertical ironer at a cost of only 1 euro. Not bad, right?

Jimmy JV85 Pro review

Package Contents

The packaging of the JIMMY JV85 Pro it's definitely rich and chock full of accessories. In addition to the main motor, there are substantially all the brushes that may be necessary for cleaning your home, but also for different environments.

Here are the accessories in the package:

  • Hose;
  • Main motorized brush;
  • Roller brush;
  • Anti-mite brush;
  • Carpet brush;
  • 2 in 1 crevice tool;
  • 2 in 1 upholstery nozzle;
  • Soft brush;
  • Articulated tube;
  • Multi-position adapter;
  • Support for charging.

Design and features

As with the other products of the company, the design of the Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 Pror is it minimal, modern and well cared for. The construction process is of a very high standard, especially considering the price range in which it is sold, and thanks to the typical interlocking mechanism, mounting and disassembling the electric broom and its various accessories is really very simple. The structure is made of metal and plastic, and both the brush and the folding tube make cleaning simple and very convenient even in the most difficult to reach areas.

Very interesting is the comb design of the main brush, that is designed to avoid pet hair or hair wraps around the motorized roller, which is a real panacea especially for those who have pets in the house.

The weight of 1.46 Kg without brushes and the classic pistol grip then make the use of the electric broom very comfortable, especially thanks to a good weight balance of the whole device, which will never tire the user. There is an LCD display on which you can see the cleaning mode and the remaining battery charge, the angles that the brush can reach are very wide and, in general, all the components of the electric broom have been designed so to be easily disassembled and washed: for example it is very easy to remove the filter HEPA-13, which can be rinsed under running water, and it is also possible to replace the battery so that you can use a secondary one if you have to clean a very large room.

jimmy jv85 pro review dyson cyclonic vacuum cleaner v11

One of the strengths of the Jimmy JV85 Pro is undoubtedly the presence of patented technology Horizontal Cyclone which allows an even more efficient filtration than the company's previous models, and which is able to capture and retain up to 99.97% of particles from 0.3 microns upwards.

The motor is a 550W digital brushless capable of guaranteeing a maximum suction power of well 200 AW at 100.000 rpm: in a nutshell, it will very rarely happen that you have to pass the electric broom twice over a dirty area, because the excellent suction power will make cleaning much faster and "painless". Suffice it to say that the Dyson V11 has a maximum suction power of 185 AW.

There are three suction modes, the most powerful emits a noise of 82 db, and in addition to affecting the actual power, they significantly affect the battery life: an important detail for these devices, which we will talk about shortly.

jimmy jv85 pro review dyson cyclonic vacuum cleaner v11

Anyway, cleaning with the Jimmy JV85 Pro flows that is a pleasure, materials and ergonomics are manual and if necessary it is also possible to remove the aluminum tube and attach the other components, for example the smaller rotating brush to clean the sofas or the machine or the brush in rigid plastic that allows us to use the Xiaomi JIMMY JV85 Pro as a Vac.

As for the cleaning of the container, however, it can be safely rinsed. To remove the dirt, simply open the flap through a lever located on the bottom. A position that has improved compared to the previous models and that avoids that annoying problem of ending up with dirty hands.

Battery Life - JIMMY JV85 Pro

Lo Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 Pro has 8 2500 mAh batteries, able to guarantee a maximum autonomy of 70 minutes: a record time, but only possible if you use the vacuum cleaner in the less powerful mode and without using the motorized brush. In real life, however, I managed to get to in my tests i of autonomy with the most powerful suction mode, or a 25 minutes with that average ea 55 minutes with the low one, always using the motorized brush.

jimmy jv85 pro review dyson cyclonic vacuum cleaner v11

Charging times, however, are very slow, as in all devices of this type: for a full charge, from 0 to 100% of the battery, it may be necessary between the 4 and the 5 hours.


Considering the suction power and battery life, consider the JIMMY JV85 Pro a valid vacuum cleaner is dir poco. In reality the work done by the company is almost exemplary, and considering that it costs practically half of the Dyson V11 and that in the package all the accessories necessary for a complete, dynamic and suitable cleaning for every situation come out, it is clear that the JV85 Pro it is a product suitable for all those looking for a wireless electric broom aimed at multiple uses and which can also be pleasing to the eye if kept at home and who want to buy.

jimmy jv85 pro review dyson cyclonic vacuum cleaner v11

The only real compromise of this product category concerns the battery, which basically discharges too quickly and recharges too slowly, but on the JV85 Pro I must admit that those of Jimmy have made great strides especially for autonomy (evaluated in proportion to the maximum suction power).

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