Instagram launches Reels: the anti-TikTok arrives

instagram reels anti tiktok italy

Problems for TikTok they expand, but this time it is not about politics. In addition to notes diatribes with the government USA, the social network of ByteDance must deal with the new feature of the other social media devoted to multimedia, Instagram. In fact, the Facebook-owned platform has just launched for everyone, even in Italy, Reels, a real rival of the Chinese counterpart.

Instagram: Reels will truly be TikTok's alter ego

What the new feature will actually contain Reels di Instagram, which to date has been on trial in solo Brazil? Simply, everything you have seen or heard about TikTok: 15 seconds video to share on your profile, your own Stories or even on the dedicated feed in the section Explore. You can use all the music in the library of the social networks di Facebook or even an audio you recorded yourself. They will also not fail AR functions and a countdown to record hands-free and you can too publishing your content. You can also split merge the various clips in a more full-bodied.

instagram reels anti tiktok italy 2

So how does it differ Instagram Reels da TikTok? Nothing! And this could probably be a big deal for the Chinese social, which in these days is already seeing a massive migration of the most famous TikTokers right towards Instagram. And if the American social network can allow creators to create content very similar to that of the product of ByteDance, the only chance of survival is to actually become an American company and try to catch up.

The new feature Reels di Instagram is currently in global release, so also in Italy, in these hours, you will probably have to update the application to be able to benefit from it.

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