Honor's CEO may have revealed a new rectangular-dial smartwatch

honor smartwatch rectangular dial

IFA 2020 a Berlin it will certainly be the ecosystem stage by Honor, but also from Huawei, given the large amount of products that will be presented. Among them, there will also be Honor Watch GS Pro, a smartwatch designed for outdoor activities. But George Zhao, CEO of the brand, is not the type to leave us without surprises and publishes a poster where there is also a wearable from rectangular dial.

Honor: will the new smartwatch with rectangular dial open a new line up?

honor smartwatch rectangular dial 2

The unreleased SmartWatch di Honor with rectangular dial appeared in a poster dedicated to Chinese Valentine's Day, where two people, presumably a man and a woman, hold hands showing both the Watch GS Pro, is precisely the new w. E George Zhao, for this, it asks its users if they prefer a circular or rectangular dial.

Doubt about what this will be new SmartWatch di Honor with rectangular dial remains, also because as already written it would be unpublished, but the hypotheses are various: the first, more convincing, is that of a new line up. The second, on the other hand, could represent a GS Pro alternative, as they did for example in Amazfit. The third, and the most attentive may have recognized it, could be that that is none other than Huawei watch fit, another smartwatch coming soon. Although this may also mean that Honor can launch its "twin". We just have to wait until early September.

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