The Xiaomi MIIIW wireless keyboard is the compact solution without sacrificing style | Coupon

Le PC stations today are always divided into two solutions: those who turn to flashy products such as those from Gaming or who is looking for elegance e Minimalism for their office. The Xiaomi MIIIW Air 85 wireless keyboard it is definitely the product for those who want a station compact but without giving up the style, which becomes even more interesting considering the price in discount on Banggood with Coupon and shipping from Europe.

Xiaomi MIIIW Air 85 is the compact wireless keyboard with double connection at a discount with Coupon and shipping from Europe

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The characteristics of the Xiaomi MIIIW Air 85 wireless keyboard they are truly complete, as in addition to being compact, it is also light and thick only 7.8mm. Furthermore, it is built in ABS e aluminum alloy, which gives the product an appearance premium. As regards the keys, as the name suggests they are all over 85 and with scissor system. In addition, it has a profit rise up to 8 ° to allow for better typing.

Device support is very comprehensive, being compatible with Android, iOS e Windows. The possibility of connecting the Xiaomi MIIIW Air 85 wireless keyboard in two ways: via Bluetooth (version 4.2) or via wireless USB connector.

La Xiaomi MIIIW Air 85 wireless keyboard is available on Banggood on offer with Coupon discount and shipping from Europe. Find the purchase link below. NB If you don't see the box, you may need to temporarily disable the adBlock.

Xiaomi MIIIW Air 85 Wireless Keyboard - Banggood

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