Blitzwolf BW-VC2 declares war on Roborock S5 Max and costs much less | Coupon

blitzwolf discount code bw-vc2 offers robot vacuum cleaner

I robot vacuum cleaner Vacuum Cleaner are now the faithful allies of home cleaning and the most prominent Chinese brands for this sector are all connected to Xiaomi like Mijia, Roborock, Viomi, but also brands such as ECOVACS and Blitzwolf. The latter has in its range the BW-VC2, a smart vacuum cleaner robot in all its functions, which arrives in offering su Banggood with discount coupons e shipment dall 'Europe to a price very competitive.

Blitzwolf BW-VC2 is the Vacuum Cleaner robot vacuum cleaner with Alexa at a discount with Coupon and free shipping from Europe

blitzwolf discount code bw-vc2 offers robot vacuum cleaner 2

So how is this composed Vacuum Cleaner? The Blitzwolf BW-VC2 robot vacuum cleaner, in the form factor, it is very similar to the other products in the category, with a round shape. There dual function brush in the front, however, it allows a deeper and more efficient cleaning. Furthermore, the suction power it is very interesting, considering that it goes up to 2200 Pa. But it's there smart features which really make it a satisfying purchase at price to which it is proposed. In fact, it can be adjusted with thevoice assistant Alexaplus you can set up full coverage and the same robot can automatically arrange the percorso. It is then equipped with well 9 sensors able to avoid obstacles without problems, thanks to the advanced detection of the surrounding environment. Finally, you can manage the work through the dedicated application Blitzwolf, in addition to checking with two simple buttons.

In short, everything you could ask for example to a Roborock S5 Max but to one price much cheaper. So how much does this cost Vacuum Cleaner? The Blitzwolf BW-VC2 smart robot vacuum cleaner is discounted with Coupon e shipment dall 'Europe free for the price of 213€. Find the box with the code below. NB If you do not see the Coupon, it is recommended to disable the AdBlock.

BlitzWolf BW-VC2 Vacuum Cleaner - Banggood

2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner: cleans and washes - Shipped from EUROPE

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