360 S6 Pro review: the floor cleaning robot to beat!

360 S6 Pro

Probably many of you reading 360 they will have thought about the Chinese cyber security company and you are probably wondering what kind of review we are carrying. Well, if you don't know 360 in China has a ecosystem products incredible, some will remember smartphones Qihoo, but today we are not here for this: today we will tell you about 360 S6 Pro, a decidedly smart vacuum cleaner robot with interesting features.

What are its peculiarities? How did he behave after 2 months of use? We just have to find out in our full review!

360 S6 Pro review

Unboxing 360 S6 Pro

Inside the sales package we find a rich equipment, namely:

  • 360 S6 Pro;
  • charging dock;
  • power supply;
  • water tank;
  • a stirrup for clothes;
  • 2 cloths for washing;
  • cleaning tools;
  • remote controller;
  • universal adapters;
  • sticker with the eyes of the Minions;
  • multilingual operating instructions and warranty.

Design and construction

Let's start immediately from the design because the 360 S6 Pro it is not so different from the myriad of robots that are on the market, as it has the classic round shape with the tower for the LDS and a white color. The look is still a lot modern thanks also to a nice charging dock.

360 S6 Pro

I must say that the Plastics used are very good and perfectly resist to knocks or damages that could be caused accidentally. The only note is that the white highlights the dust that accumulates after several uses, but in general we see that we are talking about a premium product.

The dimensions are of 35 x 35 x 10 centimeters for a lost about 3.9 kilograms and I did not find any particular problems with my furniture or sanitary ware, as it managed to get perfectly underneath it.

360 S6 Pro

Above, as mentioned above, we find the dirt container and the water tank, as well as the button to reset the robot and the Wi-Fi status LED.

On the front we have an ultrasound radar and proximity sensors protected by a cushioned band that allows you to cushion all those impacts that can damage both the furniture and the vacuum.

At the rear we have the ventilation grille, unlike the bottom where there are cushioned wheels, the height sensors, the bracket to hook the clothes to wash, a large central brush and a small side useful to clean the most remote corners of the house.


To take advantage of the whole part smart of 360 S6 Pro we will have to connect the robot to the Wi-Fi and it will only be possible through the app "360Robot". If you don't want to do it or don't have a connection at home then you can take advantage of the device without all its goodies but only in manual mode and with the remote control.

The application, however, is on English and it really is very complete e detailed. On the main page you can immediately choose between three modes:

  • Room: here we can only choose certain rooms in the house to be cleaned. Later we will explain how the division of the house into rooms takes place;
  • House: we can start cleaning throughout the house;
  • Area: there are the blocks to be cleaned or those to be excluded.

Then in each of these modes we can choose whether to vacuum or vacuum and wash, the intensity of cleaning and washing and many other functions such as:

  • Creation of preferred areas for cleaning: we can therefore rename the program at our convenience and start it at certain times of the day or schedule it weekly;
  • Schedule cleaning;
  • See the cleaning history;
  • Reset the map;
  • Rotate the map;
  • Download new robot voices;
  • Use the manual controls of the robot;
  • Update;
  • Find the position of the robot;
  • See the maintenance status of the internal parts;
  • Open the settings and decide to divide the robot with multiple users, change its name, change the volume of the voice or set the do not disturb mode, activate the carpet mode, manage the water volumes, activate the protection and anti-collision mode.

In short, with the 360 S6 Pro it is possible to do an infinite number of things and it is perhaps the most complete software I have ever seen on board such a product.


Il 360 S6 Pro works very well thanks to the combination ofLDS (laser distance sensor) el 'mapping and localization algorithm (SLAM), in addition to the anti-collision ultrasound system.

During the first cleaning, and therefore mapping, the device will hit different objects and furniture, but after memorizing the rooms it will be very precise and will slowly approach the obstacles without hitting them.

I must say it is as impressive as it manages to map the house well and how it manages to pass on each point with precision, without neglecting anything. However, it did happen sometimes that he went into crisis due to obstacles that were not there in the previous session. In this case he takes more time but still tries to cover the area as much as possible.

Let's say that apart from some skidding the rest of the times the robot behaves very well, managing to cleverly divide the rooms of the house. If it is discharged it will go to load and then it will resume from the point where it stopped and, in the same way, if you move it during the cleaning it will try to go back to the point from which you raised it.

He can climb without problems on carpets and small steps (about 2 cm), but remember not to leave wires or small objects on the street because he could drag them with him and break or not work properly.

There are several cleaning modes:

  • silent: suction at 600 Pa;
  • Standard: 1000 Pa;
  • Powerful: 1500 Pa;
  • Max: 2200 Pa.

As regards'aspiration I must say that I am satisfied, as it manages to bring up even the most difficult dirt, while for the washing I would have preferred that more water was released (I always used it in the maximum way). In this case too, in fact, we can decide between Low, Medium and Max.

In any case, these devices cannot replace the washing of a mop, but it is certainly an extra function that if used every day will help us to keep our home cleaner. Also because I remind you that washing must be done without any detergent as it could cause problems to the nozzles that distribute the water.

Il water tank and from 200 ml and with Max mode you will be able to cover approx 60/70 mXNUMX, a good result if we consider that competitors like theEufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid covers 40 sq m with low discharge mode.


Under the body of the 360 S6 Pro we find a battery from 5200 mAh, which allows us to have excellent autonomy which, of course, varies according to the mode of use. It goes from about 150 minutes in mode Max ai 180 minutes in silent mode.

360 S6 Pro

When it is about to discharge it will automatically return to the base. Unfortunately, the recharge is a bit slow because it will take almost 4 hours to go from 0 to 100%. I remember, however, that the times are quite common to all robots.


After trying the 360 S6 Pro I feel like saying the challenge with Xiaomi it is open and fierce. In fact, this robot has been impeccably made and is incredibly smart and functional.

Sincerely, knowing 360 and its ecosystem, I would have expected a product more suitable for the eastern market and with an app that is not very optimized for Europe. Instead I had to totally change my mind and I'm glad it was a pleasant surprise.

Gentlemen, there is a new competitor in town! The "negative" aspect if we want is that it is not in Italian but in English, but now most of us are comfortable with this language and, moreover, the software is quite intuitive.

Il 360 S6 Pro is available on Gearbest about 430 €, a figure that may seem a bit high, but for what it offers and what is offered by competitors we find ourselves in front of a totally consistent and in some ways lower price.

The most famous brands with top products are hardly under 500 €. In addition, always on the Chinese store you can find the various spare parts.

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