Xiaomi Mi TV Master: unveiled the first specifications and possible prices

xiaomi mi tv master

Yesterday the good Lei Jun - charismatic CEO of the Chinese brand - announced the arrival of a new series of smart TVs of the company. Xiaomi Mi TV Master - ultra premium OLED solution - will officially debut on 2 July and if you are curious to know more ... here are the first details on the specifications!

1 / 07 Update: novelties appear on the features of the premium smart TV, together with the first details on the sale price. In addition, the company explains why it decided to focus on an OLED solution. Find all the details at the end of the article.

Xiaomi Mi TV Master will be the first ultra premium smart TV of the Chinese brand

First details on the specifications

xiaomi mi tv master

The series of posts you see above comes from the Weibo profile of one of the managers of the Chinese house, so it may be official specifications. Obviously we prefer to keep the doubt until the last moment, or at least until the arrival of information via the brand or division account dedicated to smart TV. Anyway, banter and let's take a look at what the specifications should be Xiaomi Mi TV Master. According to what reported, the new range will have its support HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and technologies VRR (variable refresh rate) e allm (for low automatic latency). In addition there will be a remote control with connectivity NFC.

Do not worry, because you also enter a little more specifically, "confirming" the presence of a panel OLED with resolution 4K, refresh rate a 120 Hz and technology MEMC. As for the heart of the new TV we will have a new one processor customized, architecture-based A73 (with support for all formats HDR).

The new series Xiaomi Mi TV Master it will offer brighter and richer colors, superior image quality, higher contrast and many other features. As anticipated, it will be one or more ultra premium solutions, so we only hope that Lei Jun's company has managed to maintain acceptable prices.

If there are other news about the device we will update this article. The appointment of 2 July is shortly missing, but it is probable that there will be advances on design and sale price. Fingers crossed!

Xiaomi Mi TV Master will be five times more priced than an LCD, according to a report | Update 1/07

Now the launch event of the new Xiaomi Mi TV Master range is very close and for this reason, in the perfect style of the brand, both official confirmations and rumors begin to intensify. At the top you will find a series of teasers published by Xiaomi on social channels, in which some aspects of smart TV are highlighted.

First, the presence of a MediaTek chipset is confirmed, although it has not been specified which models it is. The news continues with the 3D panoramic audio and other subtleties (also aesthetic) shown in the images. A poster refers to gaming, a sign that the devices in the series will also target fans (probably with a dedicated game mode).

But the striking detail comes from a new report that talks about the possible price in Casa del Xiaomi Mi TV Master. Recall that the reference abbreviation lets think of a solution from 65 ": for this reason it is reported that the device will arrive on the market with a price 5 times higher than an LCD panel. In a nutshell it seems that the figure will be greater than 15.999 yuan (2.000€ at the exchange rate) and even there is talk of a price of around 19.999 yuan (about 2.500 € at the exchange rate).

Why did Xiaomi choose an OLED panel for its Mi TV Master?

xiaomi mi tv master

Xiaomi's choice to enter the field of OLEDs (which are often supplied by LG for televisions) is motivated by the enormous advantages that can be obtained by using a self-illuminating and therefore not backlit LED solution as is the case with LCDs. This, according to the Vice President Zhang Feng in a note (also taken from Lei Jun), leads to a higher quality of vision than if you continued to use a liquid crystal display.

Also because with an LCD it is currently impossible to obtain a black absolute, as even the black pixels are illuminated, while in an OLED solution they are practically off, obtaining the desired result. Furthermore, the very high contrast and the very rapid grayscale response guarantee a visual experience like few on the market and Xiaomi cares a lot about this concept.

So, are you ready for the Chinese house's debut in the ultra premium smart TV sector? Let us know in the comments!

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