Xiaomi FIVE UVC-LED review: a sterilizer for smartphones, but not only

With the current pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19), which exploded here in Italy in early 2020, the need to rethink its ownpersonal hygiene. Very often, in fact, it is thought that it is not essential to follow some simple cleaning rules. Never as in recent months, however, have we understood that this is wrong. This is why several brands have launched themselves into the production of devices capable of protecting us from virus and bacteria, such as masks and sanitizers. Among the many products launched on the market, however, there is one category in particular that has experienced unprecedented expansion. These are the UVC sterilizers which, in the last period, have really colonized the main online stores. Xiaomiobviously, she did not miss the opportunity and has produced various devices of this type, including the FIVE UVC-LED that we are going to find out precisely in this Full review.

Xiaomi FIVE UVC-LED review


Taking a look at the packaging, we notice an identical style to all the other accessories sold by Xiaomi, with the white box that immediately shows part of the product contained inside. In the sales box, therefore, we find:

  • Xiaomi FIVE UVC-LED;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable to power the product;
  • short instruction manual in Chinese.

Design & Materials

This sterilizer is completely made of plastic, showing rather generous dimensions. Precisely on this latter aspect, therefore, we find measures of 18,95 x 10,50 x 3,80 mm, with a weight of approx 272 grams. Despite everything, however, the product demonstrates good solidity and excellent build quality, characterized by the presence of a button on the front and a small LED status, which turns red when the device is operating. On the left side, however, we only have the entrance USB Type-C for feeding. This UVC sterilizer, in fact, must always remain connected to the power in order to function, but this aspect could be useful in its favor. In case you own a smartphone equipped with the support to wireless chargingin fact, just place the phone on the upper surface to recharge it. I remind you, however, that it is a refill a 10W, therefore not very powerful.

Xiaomi FIVE UVC-LED also has a model number: YSXDH001WX. This could help you identify it within the various online stores. As on many other competing products, the operating principle is always the same. Inside this structure, in fact, there are two small parts that emit, when in operation, one ultraviolet light type C, with rays therefore characterized by a short wavelength. This should be sufficient to kill most of the bacteria contained in this box, but there is no scientific evidence to attest to 100% effectiveness against Covid-19. However, we will talk more about this aspect in the next paragraph.


Since I did not have a microscope, I was unable to verify its correct functioning, but it seems that the device behaves in the right way. Activating it is very simple: just insert the phone, as well as any other object, inside the box and, once closed, click on the power button. At this point, therefore, the red LED will light up and, after about 15 minutes, the operation will be completed. At the end of the sanitization, in fact, the LED turns off by itself and we can open the case without any problem. In case we want to interrupt this operation, however, it will be necessary to hold down the power button for 3 seconds or, alternatively, lift the lid directly. In the latter case, in fact, the emission of ultraviolet rays will automatically stop.

Still I struggle to believe that actually this product is able to sterilize 99% of the surface of our smartphone. I therefore recommend activating the sterilization at least a couple of times, so as to increase the effectiveness of this accessory. Many other competing products, then, show a section for the emission of ultraviolet rays much wider than that which is supplied inside this box. Taking a look, in fact, you only notice two points, placed on opposite sides of the product, which emit precisely the light.

Price & Conclusions

Xiaomi FIVE UVC-LED is currently for sale on Gearbest at about the price 23 €. At present, therefore, I believe that this device can be useful to all those people who already follow the guidelines on proper hygiene. In fact, it is not possible to think of caring about a similar topic and then sanitizing everything through this special accessory. Also because we don't really know how effective it is for this.

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Since we do not have suitable tools to test its effectiveness, therefore, I can tell you that this Xiaomi FIVE UVC-LED seems to work well, presenting no critical issues. In the event that the price is the current one, then, one could also seriously think of its purchase. For a greater amount, however, I think it is not worth it in the least.