Realme Buds Air Neo review: TWS headphones at the right price!

real buds air neo

Over the past few years there is one product in particular that has captured the attention of many users: the true wireless headphones. In fact, these devices have completely changed the way you listen to music on the move, offering previously non-existent comfort. There are now different types, and it is often difficult to choose which one is actually right for us. Many brands, even noble ones, have proposed their solutions in this area, but the price discriminator is still important. Realme, therefore, precisely for this reason, has decided to propose the Real Buds Air Neo to an aggressive figure, while not giving up on quality. How did this pair of headphones behave? Find out with us, inside ours Full review!

Realme Buds Air Neo review


Given the size of the sales box, it is possible to imagine a truly minimal equipment. Inside the package, in fact, find space:

  • Realme Buds Air Neo;
  • USB / micro-USB cable for charging;
  • short leaflet with some main product information, in English;
  • instruction manual.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at this product, I cannot avoid not considering it as the similarity with the AirPods Apple is almost embarrassing. I would certainly have preferred a more original design, even if currently all of them seem to look alike more and more. Despite this, the plastic that covers the hardware inside the headphones seems to be well made, giving a sense of robustness. Not all finishes are perfect, but it is also a rather inexpensive device. From the point of view of size, then, each individual headset measures 40,5 x 16,59 x 17,70 mm, With a weight of 4,1 grams. I must say, therefore, that I was quite satisfied with the way they are worn, although perhaps they are a little too big in the ear. Despite this, I did not feel any pain even after several hours of use, managing to keep them firmly in their position even during physical activity. Here it also depends a lot, however, on the type of auricle that you have, as not all of them have the same shapes and this pair of earphones, for some, may be uncomfortable. Analyzing them better, in any case, we notice on the lower part i magnetic pins and single microphone.

Obviously the case is also made of plastic. This presents an opening very similar, also in terms of feedback, with that of the AirPods. There is a dry, precise sound, and this component also appears to be very firm to the structure. On the front, however, there is a space Status LED, that when the custody it is closed, absolutely not visible. Below it, however, we find the single circular button to facilitate the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone. I'm sorry, however, that a door has been placed at the bottom micro-USB, forcing us to use a different charging cable than that of our phone (generally USB Type-C in Android). This small case, however, measures 51,3 x 45,25 x 25,3 mm, With a weight of 30,5 grams. From the portability point of view, therefore, we are on an excellent level, given that this box can be easily inserted into any type of pocket.

I take this opportunity to denounce the fact that the extraction of every single earphone is not as easy as one would expect. I also have difficulties with AirPods, because the glossy plastic, and slippery, is not always the easiest material to grasp. Despite this there are products, and cases, much more difficult to manage, as we have been able to experiment with the OPPO Enco W31. Besides this, however, the headphone housing has been designed in the correct way and the magnet that attracts the two earphones is strong enough not to yield even under different stresses.

Connectivity & Software

I want to deal immediately with the topic of connectivity, because here we find something new. In fact, Realme Buds Air Neo are equipped with the Bluetooth 5.0, which offers a good connection with the smartphone. They have, however, a little more in the configuration phase than other models, because they exploit Google FastPair. This means that once the case is opened, the smartphone instantly detects the presence of these earphones. A notification appears on our smartphone and, by clicking on it, after a few moments the headphones are already associated with our device. There is no need, therefore, to switch between Bluetooth settings.

In some respects, the range has not changed compared to Realme Buds Air. Again, in fact, after about 10 meters you begin to feel the first problems in the connection phase. Despite this, latency always remains the same. What do I mean by this statement? I mean that in any case there is a slight delay between what we see on video and what is played inside the headphones. I would have expected a slightly better performance from this point of view, also because other headphones with more or less the same price can do better.

As also recommended in the instruction booklet, an app dedicated to these headphones can also be downloaded to your smartphone, that is Realme link. This application, therefore, actually controls the entire ecosystem of the brand's wearable devices, and in part we have already seen it in the Realme Watch review. By accessing the special menu dedicated to headphones, however, we notice a totally different interface. Here, in fact, there are few essentials options, which aim to make the experience with this product better. In fact, let's see how it is possible customize the various gestures, activated with simple taps on the back of each single unit. I must say, among other things, that these touches are received quite precisely, even without too much force being applied to the pressure. Obviously, these are touch controls.

Thanks to this interface we can see the charge status of the headphones and customize the various gestures. I leave you below, however, the photos that show the various options in each item. By clicking on “Double tap” for the right headset, for example, instead of putting in Play / Pause we can decide to activate the next song, the previous one, the voice assistant or, alternatively, no command. Unfortunately, no mention is made of volume management. If only one headset is used, among other things, absolutely nothing changes and the items that we chose during the configuration remain valid. It did not happen often, then, but using only one cap and subsequently extracting the other to put it in the ear, the latter was practically turned off. Therefore, sometimes the system is slower than necessary in activating the single headset in this situation.


Inside Realme Buds Air Neo we always find the same chipset as the Buds Air, or the R1 chip. This, therefore, allows to give the customer an excellent yield, in different aspects. From the quality point of view, in fact, we find a well balanced audio, which does not favor too much the low frequencies, despite the presence of a 13mm bass amplifier and Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB). I have not noticed, then, particular distortions with medium volume, although some more noise is noticed at maximum volume. This is, however, a rather marginal and difficult problem to highlight, especially if you don't have another pair of superior quality headphones to compare.

One is indicated on the official website of the brand latency of just 119,2 ms. Difficult to quantify this data, but I can tell you that these headphones, in this respect, perform very well. There are, in reality, two ways in this regard: taking advantage of that a very low latencytherefore, it is possible to obtain a practically zero delay. In order to activate this mode, it is necessary to keep pressed on the touch surface of the two headphones simultaneously. At a certain point, after a few moments, there is a sound of a car sliding on the asphalt. Immediately after this beep, latency is almost zero. Returning to the previous mode is, then, very simple: just hold down for a few moments on the back of the two headphones, and you will hear a different acoustic signal, which indicates the transition to higher latency.

There is no present suppression of environmental noise additional, therefore with their form factor they do not completely isolate from the external environment. At maximum volume, however, they are respected, and also in an environment such as the coach buzz it is almost imperceptible. Finally, I remind you that these Buds Air Neo can be used, if necessary, even during moderate physical activity, being however certified IPX4.

How they behave in call? In this respect I must say that I was quite satisfied, because my interlocutor has never encountered bad audio. In the most difficult situations, in the coach, I had slightly more difficulty understanding every single word of the conversation. By maintaining a sustained volume, however, this problem is partially solved. On the other hand, however, sometimes they did not find excellent quality, almost as if they felt far away. This, however, really only happened a few times in the whole test period. In any case, forget to be able to speak easily with these headsets in case of wind or strong air, when maybe you ride a bicycle. With the electric scooter, already at a speed of about 10 km / h, whoever was on the other side of the receiver did not hear my words so clearly.


It is never easy to go into this area, also because we all have a different way of using these products. Which is why, in my experience, I never went beyond 2 hours and minutes 45 di continuous listening with this pair of earphones, keeping the volume poco below the maximum threshold and obviously not taking advantage of the very low latency mode. They discharge much faster, however, during the call phase, where after about an hour they can even lose most of their initial charge.

The batteries inside all these units have not been revealed, therefore it is also difficult to compare them with other competing products.

Price & Conclusions

Real Buds Air Neo, on the Official site, they cost 39,99 €. In my opinion, therefore, it is a fairly apt price for these earphones, although I think that at 29,99 euros they would have really split the market. In the end, in fact, the quality is discreet, especially when listening to music. In the calls, however, they show slightly the side compared to the competition, not being so good in the most crowded places. They are, however, very comfortable to carry around and really small.

I think these are better than the classic Buds Air, especially given the value for money.

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