Xiaomi smart mini compressor review: portable and smart, but more suitable for two wheels

Xiaomi's ability to be able to think of "traditional" products, transform them into smart devices and then simplify even the most common operations and make life "simpler" in some cases, is something crazy. The Chinese company is not only able to produce smartphones that, in most cases, have an excellent value for money, but with its brand it sells truly unthinkable products, with which it is capable not only of arousing the general interest of consumers, but also to innovate.

And this is precisely the case of the Xiaomi Mijia Air Pump compressor, a product born from one of the companies that are part of the huge ecosystem of the Chinese giant, which then Xiaomi certifies, guarantees and sells: it is a real pocket compressor that works on battery power and which, thanks to an integrated display, will allow the inflating bicycle and car tires, but also balls or, why not, inflatable mattresses.

Xiaomi Air Pump compressor review


The packaging of the Xiaomi Air Pump compressor it is well cared for and includes, in addition to the smart mini compressor, also a needle nozzle adapter, a charging cable, a fabric bag for transport and an adapter for the French nozzle.

Here is the contents of the package:

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Pump.
  • French air nozzle adapter.
  • Needle air nozzle adapter.
  • MicroUSB charging cable.
  • Cloth bag for transport.
  • Instruction manual.

Hardware and materials

So, at first glance, the Xiaomi compressor Mijia looks like one of the old Calassic iPods. And the reason is that sort of "click wheel" placed in the center of the front of the device. Poco above there is an LED display on which the current pressure can be displayed, or scrolled through a list of tires or products to be inflated, or manually set the desired pressure.

Complete technical sheet:
Model: MJCQ01QJ.
Storage temperature: -10 ° C -45 ° C.
Product dimensions: 124x71x45.3mm (without air tube).
Charging interface: Micro-USB.
Inflation pressure range: 0,2-10,3 bar / 3-150 psi.
Charging parameters: 5 V-2 A.
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh (14,8 Wh).
Sensor accuracy: ± 2 psi.
· Working noise: noise less than 80 dB from 1 meter.
Operating humidity: charge 0 ° C -45 ° C, discharge -10 ° C -45 ° C.
Tracheal size: tracheal traction - length 180 mm, including nozzle adapter (without thread).
Charging time: about 2 hours.

Of course, it is not the only battery-powered compressor currently on sale, but it is certainly one of the most compact: with its own 124 x 71 x 45.3 mm it is one of the most manageable on the market. And despite the very small size, the structure is still solid and of good quality, below there is a port for miniUSB charging for the 2000 mAh battery, while in the upper area there is the inflation nozzle (which is equipped with a safety closure device with which, by placing the inflation nozzle in a suitable housing, the compressor will automatically switch off and will not switch on.

Xiaomi Mi Air Pump compressor review

There is also one LED flashlight rather powerful, which can be used if it is necessary to inflate the tires in low light conditions, and which is activated by taking the left side of the front control pad.

How it works - Xiaomi Mija Air Pump smart compressor

The compressor is able to reach one maximum pressure of 10 bar (or 150 PSI), and is therefore more than enough for domestic use. There are 5 inflation modes: free with manual lock when pressure is reached, bicycle, motorcycle, car and balloon: the latter give the possibility to set the desired pressure level, after which the inflation will stop automatically.

It is not possible to change the indicator by setting it on the atmosphere, even if in fact between ATM and BAR the difference is practically nothing, but you can choose to use the pressure footage by calculating it in PSI.

Xiaomi Mi Air Pump compressor review

Using it is very simple: once you have chosen the inflation mode or the desired pressure, simply screw the nozzle onto the object you want to inflate and start the process by pressing the central button: the noise is significant, but it is not absolutely excessive.

Inflate a tire with the Xiaomi smart compressor it will take slightly longer than necessary with an electric inflator, which increases exponentially when higher pressures are reached, precisely because the motor must make more force. But, apart from timing, in practical terms there is no difference between this Xiaomi mini compressor and a larger and more expensive model.

Battery autonomy

The battery integrated in the Xiaomi smart compressor is 2000 mAh, and has a charging time from 0 to 100 poco greater than two hours. According to the company, on a 100% charge it is possible to inflate a bicycle tire eight times before the battery is fully discharged - six times that of a motorcycle and five times that of a car.

Xiaomi Mi Air Pump compressor review

However, these are decidedly indicative indications, which substantially depend on the amount of air already present in the tire that is going to be inflated: in my tests, I managed to inflate three of the four tires of a car that were totally deflated, and for four times the tires of a Vespa PX150. Which, in the end is not bad, especially considering that the autonomy could be extended by using a power bank.

Price and availability in Italy - Xiaomi smart compressor

The selling price of the Xiaomi Mi Air Pump is 49,99 euros. Through our coupon (which you can find below), however, you will have the opportunity to buy it with a great saving: to take it home you will only need to pay 35 euros, which is not bad.


Xiaomi's mini compressor is a product clearly intended for the world of motorcycles or bicycles, there is poco to do. Sure, it might be handy to put pressure on a slightly deflated tire, but thinking of fully inflating the four wheels of a car is perhaps wanting too much from such a device.

Xiaomi Mi Air Pump compressor review

It is not very fast, the weight is 440 grams (therefore it is not even light), but it is one of the most compact battery compressors available on the market, and the possibility of being able to check the current pressure, or to set a very precise pressure and wait automatic locking, make it a very useful tool.

It is also very precise: to be able to evaluate the accuracy of the pressure detection, I made a simple comparison with the value detected by my tire repairer's professional compressor and that measured by the Xiaomi Air Pump, and the results turned out to be practically identical.

Xiaomi Mi Air Pump

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