Redmi K30, a successful series: 3 million units sold in China

redmi k30 3 million sales china

If we were to point out a range of smartphones that has been on the lips of all fans of Made in China tech in recent times, that is definitely Redmi K30. The series arrived quietly last fall K30 has reached major sales peaks - and to think it has arrived a version with a larger memory cut at a lower price - enough to reach the 3 million units sold in China, a thick success.

Redmi K30: the series recorded sales of 3 million units in China

The reasons why the family Redmi K30 has sold a lot, is due to the fact that each of its variants has characteristics that satisfy all user groups: the K30 5G for those looking for a good but not expensive device, the K30 Pro which has been defined for the quality / price ratio the best in June 2020, but also the "minor" versions have contributed greatly to this sales success. Definitely, the current range introduces the new one 5G connection without spending astronomical prices and this must be acknowledged Redmi.

Given these premises, the successor has only to prove that he lives up to these numbers, also because the Redmi K40 it seems to have received a substantial transformation compared to the current line up.

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