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Just go to Amazon and search for "true wireless headphones"To understand how many models have arrived on the market in recent years. Since even the big brands began to bring out their models, the other companies have not stood by and have launched new headsets in this sector. Currently, therefore, we do not only find Apple's AirPods or Samsung's Galaxy Buds. Many brands, belonging to the smartphone sector, have decided to have their say in this market, including OPPO too. Hence the new ones are born OPPO Enco W31, a very special pair of TWS headphones, especially in design. To their disadvantage, however, they present an important price, which perhaps not everyone is willing to accept. Let's find them together, therefore, within this one Full review.

OPPO Enco W31 review


Looking at the sales package, we find the prevalence of white color. Here, among other things, the headphones are shown immediately on the front, while on the back there are some technical specifications. Inside the box, therefore, we find:

  • OPPO Enco W31;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • spare rubbers of different sizes: S, M, L;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

The whole outer shell is made of plastic. This, however, unlike many other competing products, has one matte surfacewhich therefore makes this case quite slippery in almost any situation. This is reflected, therefore, on the maneuverability, not really at the highest levels. Compared to other devices in the same price range, then, opening the case with one hand is almost impossible. Just as it is really difficult to extract individual earphones from custody, as there are no surfaces that facilitate its grip. Despite this, the case is rather solid and seems to be able to resist over time. We are not sure what the aesthetic characteristics of this product are, especially as regards the dimensions. We only know that headphones and case weigh overall 50 grams.

Analyzing every single earphone, we notice how these present a rather particular design. Although from a certain point of view they take inspiration from Apple's AirPods, they do offer a in-ear design, which therefore already differentiates them from the latter. Both are made of plastic and, on the upper part, have an aluminum-like surface interrupted only by the secondary microphone. The main one, however, is placed on the lower part, at the end of the headset. Here, the magnetic pins do not find space, because these have been positioned along the central bar, as the anchoring system to the case follows a different principle than other headphones. Also this pair of earphones, moreover, on the upper part has a touch surface, intended for music controls. Inside, however, we find a kind of proximity sensor, which manages to understand when we have the headphones worn and when these are no longer in our ear.

Taking a look at the custody charging station, in addition to an input USB Type-C placed on the back, we find inside a circular button for the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone as well as, above it, a Status LED. Although its dimensions are quite generous, developing horizontally, this can be inserted in almost all pockets, they are quite comfortable on the move. Because of his slipperinessHowever, I do not deny that a few times I fell on the floor at home, although I did not show any particular mark on the body. From this point of view, therefore, it is certainly resistant.

Connectivity & Software

These earphones offer the Bluetooth 5.0therefore there are no problems in connecting with the smartphone. Depending on the type of smartphone you have, the pairing takes place in a different way. With an OPPO-branded device, therefore, just open the charging case and the smartphone automatically recognizes the headphones, showing a window similar to the one that appears when you connect the AirPods to an iPhone. Taking advantage of any other product, even if it is from Realme, this type of quick pairing will not take place, therefore it will be necessary to manually pair the headphones to your phone, going through the Bluetooth settings. With this second method, therefore, we will have to open the case, hold down on the only physical button at the bottom, open the Bluetooth settings on the phone and click on the item that indicates these headphones.

Like many other competing products, the connection has a limited range. In fact, we will not be able to move more than 10 meters from the smartphone. Beyond this limit you may begin to feel some disturbance and a constant interruption of communications. I must say, then, that by wearing these earphones and trying to watch any content on YouTube and Netflix, I have not noticed too much latency. In my opinion, however, there is and is not even so imperceptible, especially in video games. No problem, however, in watching a video, a TV series or a film, where this problem becomes rather marginal.

There is no detail application you need to download in order for these headphones to work. Unfortunately, however, this aspect precludes the possibility of being able to customize the gestures. I therefore believe that this is one of the reasons that least struck me about this product. In fact, I'm going to show you which controls are active: when playing music tracks with a double touch on right cuff we move on to next track double touch on that left you change theequalization. Precisely on this last aspect, I would like to point out that there are two main presets here: the bass modes and balance mode. By double clicking on the left headset, therefore, you switch from one mode to another, and this change is underlined by a voice that, in English, warns us of this transition between the two options. Finally, with a triple touch (on both headphones), the smartphone's voice assistant awakens. Therefore, there are no gestures to put Play / Pause or to change the volume. Despite this, however, the sensitivity of this control area is quite good, responding to commands 9 times out of 10.

We have just seen how some really fundamental features are absent on headphones of this type. Each of these units, however, comes with a kind of proximity sensor which detects when we have a headset on and when it is outside our ear. In fact, when a headset is pulled out, the song we are listening to stops and, possibly, the video we are watching goes on pause. It is a very comfortable system which, among other things, also works quite well.


From an audio perspective, the dynamic driver da 7mm installed inside these units has a sensitivity equal to 95 dB. On a practical level, therefore, it means that the quality is more than satisfactory. There is a full-bodied sound, where the bass is present although not too marked. All frequencies are quite balanced and at maximum volume there are no particular distortions. Taking advantage of the bass modesmoreover, these frequencies are slightly emphasized more, but in general the song we are listening to is not distorted. With balanced mode, however, everything is reproduced exactly and we find a good balance of all frequencies. By showing an in-ear design, the insulation with the outside is really at the highest levels, therefore any type of cancellation of the external noise would be superfluous. The same technology, however, that we find with regard to calls.

We have already dealt with the topic related to low latency, but in call how do these OPPO Enco W31 work? Honestly, I have not had any problems with these headphones, but the quality has never been excellent. During the conversation all my interlocutors told me that the voice seemed almost muffled, especially when I kept the headphones firmly in my ear. By moving the earphones slightly outwards, the situation improves a little, but there is still a slight metallic effect. I cannot confirm with certainty that the double noise cancellation actually it is useful, because in fact I have never felt an even wider sense of isolation than it was already present simply by wearing headphones.

This product was not designed for sports, despite being certified IP54, therefore proposing a good resistance to water and dust. I have never tried them in such conditions, however, during a race or a bicycle ride. I just went for a walk in the sun or moved around the city on an electric scooter. Using the latter, therefore, they can tell you that on call you will hear quite well, but on the other side you will feel an excessive disturbance caused by the wind.


I managed to total approx 3 hours of continuous music listening, on a single charge. I remind you, therefore, that every single unit has a small battery from 25 mAh, While the custody mounts a unit from 350 mAh. Thanks to it therefore, we can easily recharge our earphones in about 2 hours and 40 minutes (with recharging of the case included). On the official website a total use of about 15 hours is declared and from the tests carried out I believe that we can get very close. Obviously the volume should not be raised too high, staying on an average level. At maximum power, in fact, the headphones last even less than 3 hours on a single charge.

Price & Conclusions

At the moment, the OPPO Enco W31 they cost 99 € on Amazon Italy. It is therefore a price which, in my opinion, is slightly too high. Perhaps at 69,99 euros they would have been more focused, above all because the competition is really fierce in this area. Despite this, however, the quality of these headphones is not lacking, proving very reliable in several respects, even on call. So if the price goes down again it would surely be an excellent product to buy, even if obviously it is not perfect and has some small defects.

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The real strengths of this device are the sound quality el 'donning. The latter aspect, however, also varies depending on the type of ear you have, so it is really very difficult to evaluate.