POCO apologizes to India for banned apps pre-installed on M2 Pro

little m2 pro app preinstalled banned india

Arrived a few days and already has to overcome the first obstacle for sales: POCO M2 Pro it ended up in the eye of the hurricane as it is in it preinstalled alcune app of Chinese origin to date banned in India, the only country that currently uses the smartphone mid-range. The company has decided to run for cover.

POCO M2 Pro: the company apologizes to the community in India and promises an update that will eliminate banned apps

When it was presented two days ago, enthusiasm in India, "spiritual" homeland of POCO, For the 'M2 Pro it was sky high. In fact, the mid-range has very interesting features at more than reasonable prices and is therefore certainly the candidate for a must buy on the banks of the Ganges. But be it POCO that users had not come to terms with a small detail: the samples that have come to the Indian reviewers report pre-installed apps of Chinese origin which are included in the list of those banned right in that country.

POCO, learned this, she had to immediately run for cover. First, he wrote one letter of apology to its Community where he justifies this "mistake" by claiming that pre-installed apps were inserted before the aforementioned ban called by Indian government. Despite this, the company ensures that no data was collected e shared with no one else. In addition, he promised that there will be soon OTA update that will fix everything.

In short, the problems that arose in India for all Chinese producers they are more and more intricate, but is it possible that we can continue with such a situation? Many applications are on the agenda and see them banned for some it can be really uncomfortable. What if POCO he has to reverse, then the solution is still far away.

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