Jia Yueting mea culpa about the end of LeTV in a long letter

letv jia yueting bankruptcy letter

If there is a company that can be called one of the biggest missed promises in the technology sector, that is surely LeTV. The brand that in recent days has seen its end with the sale of its innumerable registered trademarks at auction, has in the figure of his former CEO Jia Yueting the symbol of the fall. The same Jia however, he wanted to explain what is behind this closure in a long open heart letter.

Jia Yueting: Personal bankruptcy will compensate for the work of LeTV shareholders


In his long letter to users and shareholders of both FF (Faraday Future, the automotive company founded in the USA, which however continued to be successful) and both of LeTV, Jia Yueting talks about the path that led to personal bankruptcy, defining it almost a process of redemption, through broad apologies to all those who believed in the two projects, especially in LeTV. Indeed, he assumed the complete responsibility problems and the closure of the project itself, which it defines as innovative and ecological. Jia he also declares that he will not back down and will allow all concerned to receive parachutes to compensate for their efforts, without missing a penny on the appeal.

But what will the future of the now ex-technological innovator be? The founder of LeTV speaks of a professional step backwards, entering a position of employee rather than owner of the multinational FF Global Partners, which includes 20 entities, after the California Court decreed the reorganization of the trademark. This step backwards, however, could sensationally mark the return of the manufacturer of Smart TV e smartphone, as the efforts of his main figure will be directed precisely to this rebirth, or at least these are the promises he made and did.

We can only wish good luck to a person who believes in what he has created and who has not withdrawn when it comes to taking on all responsibilities.

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