Lenovo ThinkVision P44w 44 ”review: the GIANT of super ultra-wide monitors

Lenovo ThinkView P44w monitor display review

When I took the Lenovo ThinkVision P44w, I immediately thought of how big the monitor was. Now, as I write the review and prepare to pack it again, I have the same thought, but in inverted words: it's a great monitor. Ok, the pun was perhaps not one of the happiest, but it makes the concept of how much using it for about a month, has appreciated all the benefits that are obtained by working with a display of this size, especially for those like me who often use Adobe Premiere and other productivity applications: the Lenovo P44w it's a curved display 43.4 '' format 32:10 which, in essence, corresponds to two 24-inch monitors side by side.

It is a type of monitor that initially began to spread in the gaming world, but that in the Lenovo P44w highlights the professional soul of these formats, capable of guaranteeing an important increase in productivity, without renouncing to enveloping game sessions once finished working.

Lenovo P44w review

Package Contents

And if the Lenovo P44w it is one of the largest displays for Mac and PC that I have ever had the opportunity to try, the packaging that protects it is even more marked, in fact, it is really huge. However, this is a package that includes anything necessary to use the monitor immediately, including a very stable metal base, the vertical bracket that will allow its customization in height, as well as the horizontal rotation, the cables necessary for connection and also a particular speaker that can be fixed on the vertical bracket, made in collaboration with Hartman Kardon, in which there are speakers, microphones and the input for a 3.5 mm jack

Design and materials

The materials and design of the monitor are, of course, of high quality. Starting from the metal base which will allow the display to be placed on the desk in a very solid way, and which, given its thickness less than one centimeter, will also allow you to place various devices on it: it is an excellent solution that minimizes the size. The vertical bracket must then be fixed on the base, with which you can adjust the height of the monitor from 10 to 23 centimeters, and the rotation of the panel by about 30 degrees both to the right and to the left. The structure to which the panel is fixed also allows vertical inclination, about twenty degrees upwards and a few degrees downwards. In short, the structure was designed and built to allow total customization of the positioning of the monitor. And it is not a small detail, especially considering that in the vast majority of cases the Lenovo P44w will be purchased by very demanding people, who spend many hours on the computer.

The panel is wrapped in a plastic structure and has one 1800R curvature, the front bezels are all in all reduced, except the lower one in which, at the bottom right, the OSD control keys have been inserted. And always in the lower frame, in the center, there is a retractable drawer in which two USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5 mm jack input have been integrated.

Lenovo ThinkView P44w monitor display review

On the back there are all the connection ports, which are definitely many: the Lenovo P44w integrates 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.1 Type C Gen 2 port (DisplayPort 1.4 Alt Mode), 1 USB 3.1 Type-C Gen1 port (DisplayPort 1.2 Alt Mode).


The panel used in the Lenovo P44w it is a 10 bit with a resolution of 3840 × 1200 pixels, a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 0,7 milliseconds. It is an HDR 400 certified LCD capable of guaranteeing 3% DCI-P90 coverage. The brightness declared by the company is 450 nits, but in our tests we found a value slightly below the official specifications, which reached segments of about 435 nits and one of the characteristics that impressed me most, is the perfect uniformity of the backlight, which eliminates the hassle of poorly lit areas (a rather frequent problem on most monitors on the market).

Lenovo ThinkView P44w monitor display review

Again with regard to the technical specifications, the panel technology is most likely a VA with LED backlighting: and this "probably" is due to the fact that Lenovo does not give any official information, but from the image rendering it is rather evident.

The colors are extremely faithful (sRGB 99,5%, BT.709 99,5%) and the anti-glare treatment of the opaque panel manages to work wonders by eliminating practically any reflection that may be created on the screen: even if the monitor is positioned in front of a window , the images would always be clean, crystal clear and without any element of annoyance. And this is also due to the TÜV Eye Comfort certification, a European standard that emphasizes how the panel used is suitable for prolonged use without painful effects on the eyes.

Experience of use

Let's get straight to the point: do you really need all this workspace? And let's start with an assumption: it is certainly not necessary to work at NASA to find it useful. I tried the Lenovo P44w for about a month, in which I have mostly used productivity or video editing applications, obtaining exceptional results. With Adobe Premiere, for example, having the window full screen and being able to control practically twice the timeline that you would see with a traditional monitor, is a very comfortable thing.

Lenovo ThinkView P44w monitor display review

Of course, the fact that it is "wider than tall" makes it perhaps unsuitable if you have the monitor to preview the montage in the same window, or if you want to play 16: 9 video in full screen: in this case makes the weird relationship feel very much, and sometimes I felt the lack of a slightly higher horizontal resolution.

Very comfortable however, the possibility of using a single USB-C cable with which to connect the monitor to the computer (in my case a 2018 MacBook Pro), with which not only will the audio / video signal be transmitted, but at the same time it will load the computer and monitor will perform the function of a real USB hub, making all the ports integrated in the display available to the computer. The maximum power that the monitor is capable of transmitting is 90 watts, but through the settings it is possible to choose to devote more or less power to each of the USB-C ports.

Lenovo ThinkView P44w monitor display review

Through a software it is possible to divide the management of the panel and set it as if it were two monitors, or it is possible to combine two sources simultaneously via PiP and PBP: a function that, as far as I am concerned, I have activated only a few times to proof but that, in practical terms, would bring me few benefits. It is true, however, that by connecting a Sky Q mini decoder, I was able to work and have the TV active simultaneously, and on a single monitor.

The OSD is definitely to be improved, with which you can manage all the integrated functions of the monitor and change the image display settings: navigation is confusing, the arrangement of the controls pushes the user to make mistakes and still today, after more than a month of use, I still tend to mess up the menu and waste more time than necessary.

Price and availability in Italy

Il Lenovo P44w it's an exceptional monitor, not perfect, it's true, but definitely of a very high level. And the price is high too: the official selling price in Italy is 1779 €, but on Amazon it is possible to buy it at a decidedly less expensive figure, which however exceeds the 1300 €.


Let's face it, so at first glance super-ultra-wide monitors could be considered only nerd whims, or peripherals intended only for certain categories of advanced professionals. And in reality it is a speech that does not make a turn. In practice, however, it is a solution that guarantees unparalleled comfort, even in the most basic office activities, e the Lenovo P44w is probably the best exponent of the category. Costa, it is true, but the quality of the image generated by the panel used is "comfortable, comfortable for the eyes", who does not tire those who work on the computer for many hours, and together with all the advanced features that it integrates, make it definitely an excellent companion for work.

Lenovo ThinkView P44w monitor display review

Unfortunately, the resolution perhaps a little too limited, together with the not very high refresh rate and a perhaps too long response time, do not make it one of the most suitable models for gaming. But Lenovo has also thought about this: in its Legion line it has for sale the Y44w, a monitor aesthetically identical to the one we tested, but with a 240 Hz panel and a response time of 0,4 ms.

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