LaserPecker L1 review: a LASER ENGRAVER for smartphones that works on (almost) all materials

If until some time ago it thought it could speak with such simplicity of a device like the one we tested in the last few days it would have seemed a practically impossible thing, with the arrival of the various Chinese stores, and the democratization of decidedly less "popular" technologies , things have changed a lot. And the LaserPecker L1 it is just the example: it is not sold at an exaggeratedly low price (to date it is on offer on GeekBuying at approximately EUR 200) but it is one of the strangest and most interesting smart devices that one could think of buying in this period.

He doesn't photograph, he doesn't phone, he doesn't have a screen, he has no battery. But allows to affect (almost) all materials and it is totally controlled by the smartphone, with which you can choose, stylize and modify your favorite photographs, and then engrave them on wood, plastic, even fabrics and many other materials, in a very simple way. It's dangerous? Well, of course, we are talking about a full-fledged laser engraver. But used by people with good sense, away from the presence of children and pets, it is really a lot of fun.

LaserPecker L1 Mini review - smartphone laser engraver

Package Contents

In the package of LaserPecker L1 Mini is equipped with everything you need to start recording safely immediately, and to be able to make the first experiments in customizing your own objects. In addition to the very small engraver, there is a tripod, a 20 cm wooden ruler (and I will talk about its importance shortly), a pair of protective glasses, a USB-C cable and a power supply together with some sheets of recycled paper with the which to start doing the first experiments.

Design and materials

Made with a mix of aluminum and polycarbonate, the dimensions of the LaserPecker L1 mini are significantly reduced, which makes the device well pocketable. At the rear there is the USB-C input with which the engraver will have to power (which, among other things, can also be powered with a power bank), a status LED and a small physical button with which you can put the engraving is paused.

Il laser diode it is actually positioned at the front of the engraver and, given its size, to be used it must be precisely positioned at a distance of 20 cm from the surface that you will customize: this explains the presence of the 20 cm ruler.

definitely of poor quality it is instead the tripod included in the package, which integrates an adjustable head and feet that can be adjusted in height, but which in my opinion is too light and, at times, unstable to be used for a laser engraving: my advice is to replace it with a more stable model, especially if you plan to use the LaserPecker L1 mini often.

How to use

Substantially, the LaserPecker L1 mini works with Bluetooth, thanks to which you can connect to your smartphone and to the free application available for both iOS and Android: everything happens very quickly, just as if you were connecting a Mi Band 5 or a pair of TWS earphones.

After making the connection, the first step is to choose the image from the gallery or take a photograph, to start editing the graphics which will then be engraved through an internal editor of the app, with which basically the image will be stylized so that it can be engraved on objects clearly and concretely.

When you select a photo from the gallery, it will be instantly transformed into a high contrast and black and white version, which can then be modified in different ways and can then be cut, resized, deleted portions and added text.

Laserpecker L1 Review Smart laser engraver

Before starting the real engraving process, however, it is necessary select the type of material on which you want to engrave, the laser power and the engraving depth: these are necessary parameters to ensure a correct result, but they can also be changed manually.

Furthermore you can also choose the number of passes that the laser will have to do on the incision surface, in order to scale the image more and make it more visible: rest assured, the laser is very precise and will follow the incision path at the micron.

Materials that the LaserPecker L1 mini can affect

Basically, with this very small laser engraver you can engrave on practically all materials except metal and glass. The list of types of surfaces that can be customized is given directly by the manufacturer: it lists 12 of them, alongside which it also suggests the correct settings for power and depth.

It is possible to engrave wood, leather, fabrics, felt, paper and even the peels of fruit and vegetables, provided that you always keep in mind that in the case of white or highly reflective surfaces it might be better to paint the area to be engraved with a black marker, which will then be eliminated at the end of the incision: in this way the black ink will be tied to the material on which the incision takes place and will make everything more visible.

The incision

After completing all the preliminary operations to prepare the image you want to engrave, it will be enough kick off the process through the application to start the transfer of data from the smartphone to the internal memory of the LaserPecker. It is an extremely simple procedure that, once started, will no longer require the use of the smartphone. Be careful though: the incision will take place line by line and will actually burn the surfaces, for this reason, in addition to always wearing protective glasses during the engraving phase, I advise you to carry out the operation in well-ventilated areas, because the stench of burnt may feel markedly.

Laserpecker L1 Review Smart laser engraver

Given the simplicity of the operation and the immediacy of the procedure, you will understand that the only limit to engraving is your imagination. You can download images from the Internet, print your signature for example, personalize notebooks or diaries, for example, but also desks and whoever has more. The essential thing, however (and the most difficult), is to correctly align the laser to the object: it is an operation to be done with a lot of patience and in a meticulous way, to then start the engraving process only when you are really sure of the correct positioning.

Conclusions and selling price - LaserPecker L1

If for someone, perhaps not a lover or expert of these particular devices, the 254 euro of the official price of the LaserPecker L1 they may seem excessive, know that this is not the case: already at this price it is one of the cheapest models in this category. Currently, however, it costs even less: in order to buy it you need to shell out about 200 euros on GeekBuying, with shipment from Italy: therefore without customs problems and with very fast delivery.

Laserpecker L1 Review Smart laser engraver

Of course, this is still an important figure, but for those who really need (or want to take the whim) to buy such a device, the price of this very small laser engraver is decidedly convenient, especially considering that there are products on the market similar but definitely more expensive.

Laserpecker L1 Review Smart laser engraver

Of course, it's not a device for everyone, quite the contrary. It is designed exclusively for super nerds, lovers of personalization and therefore it is rather difficult for me evaluate the device taking into account the impact of the price. So I only tell you this: it is not suitable for everyone, but it is simple to use, guarantees satisfactory engraving quality and allows you to customize practically anything, as long as it is not made of glass or metal.

LaserPecker L1

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