iQOO Z1: the One Piece Limited Edition will arrive very soon (in China)

If there is a brand that is distinguishing itself in China in recent months, that is without a doubt iQOO. The partner company of Vivo has produced very interesting terminals, such as the Neo 3, but also the latest arrivals Z1 e Z1x, powerful in a different way. But if you remember the official di iQOO Z1, a special version was also revealed One Piece Edition, which however did not yet have one release date, but confirmation has arrived in the past few hours.

14 / 07 Update: The brand has finally revealed how the bundle and the launch price will be composed.

iQOO Z1 One Piece Edition: here is the limited edition release date

iqoo z1 one piece limited edition date release china

But when will thelimited edition iQOO Z1 One Piece Edition? According to what was communicated by the brand, the latter will have a release date set at July 22 2020. The version dedicated to the crew of Monkey D. Luffy incorporates the distinctive colors of the brand, with one shell in yellow and logo di iQOO in red but with the Jolly Roger with the straw hat, the main symbol of the anime.

iqoo z1 one piece limited edition date release china 2

This special version of iQOO Z1 should arrive in one package screen-printed themed with a cover and wired headphones always dedicated to the pirate manga. In short, a real Nerd gem.

At the moment the brand has not communicated the price sales version One Piece the Z1, which by the way will be exclusive to China, since iQOO it is not officially distributed in West.

iQOO Z1 One Piece Edition: price and bundle revealed | Update 14/07

iqoo z1 one piece edition

iQOO has released the poster showing how the bundle of the One Piece Edition Anchor me price of sale of this limited edition. We will indeed find a theme totally dedicated to the anime that will cover all the proprietary UI, complete with icon dedicated to various references of the manga. In addition, there will be no shortage custom wallpapers with all the main characters. For the price, however, it will be around 2498 yuan 314 € at the exchange. The date of pre-sales that will start on July 16 2020 pm 10:00 and confirm the official date of sale limited edition from July 22 2020 always at 10 hours.

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