Huawei has increased its registered capital by over 2 billion yuan

huawei share capital ren zhengfei

L'summer 2020 it is a period of great changes for Huawei, especially on the positive side. In fact, the Chinese giant has recently increased its share capital by another 2 billion yuan (approx 250 million euro), a sign that the brand is strongly healthy and continues to improve.

Huawei: share capital increases but Ren Zhengfei's share ratio falls

huawei share capital ren zhengfei 2

The numbers of economic growth of Huaweiespecially for the investment department, it is there for all to see. According to Tianyan control estimates, the Huawei Investment Holdings of the brand is in the middle of changes both industrial and commercial and therefore decided to increase their own share capital going from the previous 29,35 billion yuan to about 31,5 billion (a figure close to 4 billion EUR), so RMB 2 billion was added, a figure not of poco bill.

But it's not the only change within Huawei in the sector, in fact, it has been noted that the CEO Ren Zhengfei has diminished his personal stock ratio in the brand since the previous one 0,94% current 0.88%, leaving 99,12% of the shares in the investment section led by Zhao Minglu.

Data that can say a lot about the future of the brand, which aims to establish itself among the first multinationals in the world, as shown by the inclusion of the colossus in the ranking of the most innovative brands of the globe.

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