Xiaomi Mi 1A display review: cheap, good quality, but NOT gaming

If there is a certainty, it is that Xiaomi never stops. And the more time passes, the more numerous the types of products sold and guaranteed by the company become. Not only smartphones, but also air purifiers, smart compressors, vacuum cleaner and whoever has more put it: the Chinese company is undoubtedly one of the brands to be taken as an example in the definition of a computer "ecosystem", and the Xiaomi Mi 1A new monitor 23.8 " (not to be confused with the Mi A1, the smartphone of a few years ago) is one of the most recent news coming from the east.

And like all the other products of the company, the main feature is in the price: it is possible to buy the Xiaomi 23.8 "monitor at around 150 euros but, especially in the world of displays, the cheapness of a product makes itself felt a lot in terms of video quality. And that's exactly why I wanted to immediately point out the price: it's really worth saving so much and buying it Xiaomi Mi 1A?

Xiaomi Mi 1A monitor review

Package Contents

The Xiaomi monitor packaging is typical of the company. Made entirely of cardboard and without any color image, the contents of the minimal box almost as much as the graphics imprinted on the package, but includes everything needed to use the product.

In addition to monitor 23.8 "Xiaomi, the package contains a power supply, a desk support base and an HDMI cable. The vertical bracket is connected to the panel and integrates a small arm with which the monitor can be tilted, but only horizontally: the height of the display is not adjustable.

Design and materials

Made of plastic and aluminum, the monitor at first glance Xiaomi Mi 1A it is immediately noticed the decidedly reduced thickness of its frames, which hardly reach the millimeter. In reality, however, the lower frame is decidedly thicker, and integrates a stereo speaker system and the display control keys, with which you can enter the menu and manage all its settings.

The base is in metal, it is fixed with the vertical bracket by means of a screw and with a decidedly simple assembly, but it should be emphasized that the strength of the lower frame immediately suggests that it is an economic product, with good attention to detail but with materials which, in some cases, give the impression of not being of excellent quality.

At the rear, just behind the vertical bracket, they are present an HDMI input and the input for the power supply and, unfortunately, the monitor is totally devoid of a system with which to manage the cables, let alone have no audio input. It's ok for the lack of the AUX input, because there is HDMI audio, but the impossibility of organizing the power and input cables in a more orderly way is something that just didn't go down. Too bad, a simple plastic stand would have been enough.

Panel and image quality - Xiaomi Mi 1A monitor

As for the panel, we immediately get to the point: although in the various online stores it is called "Xiaomi Mi Gaming Monitor", in reality everything is except a monitor to play: and this is mainly due to two factors, the update frequency of 60 Hz and the response time that even reaches 6 ms. Compatibility with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia GeForce G-Sync technologies is also missing and, needless to say, it does not have an HDR panel.

Review Monitor Xiaomi Mi 1A 23.8

Okay, so it is Xiaomi Mi 1A is it a gamig montor? No. Is it a professional monitor? No. The 23.8 "display Xiaomi is nothing but a monitor to use for a use" all day ", great for Web browsing, for document processing and office operations of this type. The rigid type IPS panel however, it is an excellent companion for adventures if you want to watch movies and TV series streamed on platforms such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video, and could also be quite satisfactory in photo editing, but only if you are not aiming for professional results.

In any case, given the nature of the panel used, although the colors are not very vivid and the blacks are not very deep, the viewing angles are very interesting: the company guarantees a value of 178 °, and in my tests I must admit that this is a decidedly truthful figure.

The speech, therefore, is clear. I could be repetitive, but it is Xiaomi Mi Monitor 1A everything is except a gaming monitor or a professional monitor, but thinking about it is something more than normal: at such a low price certainly you could not expect a panel of higher quality, indeed, for the price at which it is sold, all in all the quality / price ratio is more than interesting.

Review Monitor Xiaomi Mi 1A 23.8

There is no shortage of "Low Blue Light" modes, which reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the screen and prevents eye health, and support for DC Dimming: in this way, even in low light conditions the panel guarantees a reproduction of the stable and fluid image, totally flicker free.

In line with the price the contrast of 1000:1 and the maximum brightness of 250 nits, but the density of pixels per inch is clearly subdued: let's talk about 92 ppi, and is clearly a value accompanied by a very marked visibility of the pixels that make up the image.

Review Monitor Xiaomi Mi 1A 23.8

Through the menu that can be controlled with the keys located at the bottom, you can manage the various features of the monitor, change the language of the OSD (currently it is available only in English or Chinese), manage the contrast (also activating the contrast function dynamic), change the color tones or activate the “Low Blue Light” function.

Price and final considerations

The official price of the Xiaomi Mi 1A and of approximately EUR 150, but you can often pay for it even less using one of our coupons. And in reality, although it is not a monitor suitable for the most demanding users, it is a decidedly competitive price that must be evaluated by examining the other models on sale in this price range.

Review Monitor Xiaomi Mi 1A 23.8

All in all the video quality of the IPS panel used by Xiaomi is quite good, always in relation to the price range, and the Mi 1A it is undoubtedly a more than perfect product for the most common and non-professional operations. Those of the Chinese company, however, could have done better in some details and, perhaps, use a panel with a slightly higher pixel density per inch.

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