Goodbye Mijia: change of name in Xiaomi Smart Life

xiaomi mijia

Mijia represents one of the founders of the global success achieved by Xiaomi. A strong brand not only of its smartphones, but also of a whole series of devices designed to make more smart own life. It may not be the most famous brand in the world, but behind the Mijia line are hidden all those products we often talk about and often ask about. Kettles for water, vaporizers, purifiers, washing machines, fans, screwdrivers, anti-mosquito, projectors and whoever has more has more. We could continue to list objects until tomorrow but that's not the point. Today's news is that the Mijia name will be officially abandoned in favor of Xiaomi Smart Life.

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Change of plans for Xiaomi: goodbye Mijia, welcome Xiaomi Smart Life

xiaomi smart life mijia

The announcement made on social media Weibo comes from the Mijia page. In fact, I should say from the page Xiaomi Smart Life, since that is where the name switch happened. However, do not worry: it is only a change of name that should only concern social media. I use the conditional because when it comes to Xiaomi and choice of names there is always some confusion.

The brand identity starts from the same name: translated, “Mijia"Just means"Xiaomi Smart Home". Alche would ask why not change the name in this, but anyway. The logo remains unchanged, represented by the union of the letters M and J to bring to mind a shield. The brand identity should also remain substantially unchanged, with minimal lines and a black and white coloration.

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