MIUI 12 adds AI Watermarks in the photos of Xiaomi and Redmi

xiaomi mi 10 pro camera

The many novelties of the MIUI 12 concern in particular the camera, enriched with new features and shooting modes. For example the artistic filter Teal & Orange, as well as the split mode Magic Clone or changing the sky in videos, to name a few. Now we discover another novelty, designed to make the photos even more “smart”: I am referring to the option of AI Watermark.

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The Xiaomi camera becomes even smarter, also through the watermarks

For some years, smartphone photography has started to focus heavily not only on hardware. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are just two names that manufacturers have started to use (and often abuse) to indicate this. For example the recognition of the scene, with which to calibrate certain parameters, such as contrast, white balance and saturation, based on what the sensor is framing.

And the recognition of the scene comes into play in MIUI 12 with the AI Watermark, designed to adapt based on the context. "Watermark" indicates the over-incision that we find in the photos at the bottom left. With the advent of the so-called AI cameras, manufacturers have found a way to distinguish the models, allowing those who see a photo to understand which phone was taken with.

xiaomi miui 12 watermark camera

Thanks to AI Watermarks this concept is taken and revolutionized, no longer limited exclusively to the brand name. With one of the latest version of MIUI 12 (it is not specified which one) have been added 46 new watermarks. Among these we find watermarks relating to landscapes, plants, monuments, Chinese cities and various scenarios.

For the moment, AI Watermarks are mainly designed for a Chinese audience, incorporating elements typical of the territory of China. We will see if this function will also be brought to Europe, giving way to local users to try it.

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