Xiaomi: the rotating camera makes its appearance in the patents

In the era of feature phones, manufacturers like Nokia churned out phones of the most varied invoices, without fear of daring with bizarre shapes and mechanics. With smartphones this desire to dare has been lost, also and above all for the conformation of the display and the body that surrounds it. Especially since the race to the full screen has pushed companies to a type approval of aesthetic lines. Now the only variants correspond to the positioning of the camera, especially that front. Over the years, some companies have looked for ways other than the standard, starting from OPPO N1 and its rotating camera.

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After Honor, OPPO and ASUS, Xiaomi could also have a rotating camera

A concept that has been taken up with OPPO N3 and, moving on to other brands, with Honor 7i, marketed by us as Huawei ShotX. The last exponent of this type was ASUS ZenFone 6, although it seems that its successor will abandon this technology. Who could inherit the rotating camera could be another manufacturer who has never used it so far, that is Xiaomi.

xiaomi rotating camera

In these patents, filed by Xiaomi last June 2019 at the CNIPA, we see what the form could be in which it could propose it. Unlike the mechanisms of the aforementioned models, the approach adopted by Xiaomi is different, with a camera that rotates sideways. In reality the movement is not very clear, also because of the not very clarifying images. It seems that the rear section, which also contains the dual main camera, could rotate horizontally on itself, revealing the selfie camera. A mechanism of doubtful utility, also because it would seem that it remains protruded laterally from the body.

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