Xiaomi Mi A2: there is a surprise in the June update

Xiaomi Mi A2

We have warned you that it is Xiaomi Mi A2 that Mi A3 are receiving a new update for the month of June 2020. What we have not told you, however, is that an unexpected surprise seems to be hidden inside. This is because we only find out now, after the first reports of those who have made the update. Yes, because apparently the update does not only include the June patches, but also the call recording.

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The latest Xiaomi Mi A2 update includes call recording

Previously we covered the topic, specifying how it is a sensitive feature and not possible everywhere. There are countries where call recording is not allowed, as it offers the side to possible privacy violations. In Asia the matter is treated differently than in the most stringent Europe and therefore the Xiaomi Phone app would integrate it. However, in the ROM Global and EEA it is replaced by the Google counterpart, whose app is devoid of this functionality. This also applies to Xiaomi Mi A2, relying almost entirely on Google's AOSP ROM.

As reported by an owner of Xiaomi Mi A2, however, the aforementioned update of June would have changed the cards on the table. Despite not being listed in the changelog, the update seems to have introduced the recording of calls in the Phone app. It is known that Xiaomi and Google are working to expand its availability in other parts of the world.

Looking forward to understand more, we remind you that the update has been released and, even if you have not received it, it is available for download. However, the staff of GizChina.it assumes no responsibility for any problems.

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