Xiaomi is unstoppable in Q1 while OPPO and Huawei drop


The pandemic of COVID-19 it has hit the whole world both from a health and an economic point of view with an increasingly difficult crisis to face. Even the smartphone sector has suffered the blow with a -20.2% of smartphones sold in this first part of 2020.

OPPO and Huawei record a drop in Q1 2020 but Xiaomi continues to grow

Xiaomi, OPPO and Huawei Q1

Analyzing the Chinese brands with the greatest presence on the international market through the data provided by Gartner, Xiaomi it is the only one to have maintained growth, albeit with just one 1.4% . They are not doing better, however, OPPO e Huawei which respectively register a -19.5% e -27.3%.

In the case of Huawei, Unfortunately, the many vicissitudes caused by the ban weigh USA who are now interfering profoundly in the economic plans of the Chinese giant than with his HMS will attempt rebound by the end of the year or at least in 2021. OPPO instead she can still be satisfied with the sales results achieved in Italy where he has turbo-charged over the past few months.

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