Samsung like Xiaomi: the One UI 2.5 could be "inspired" by MIUI | Update

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Apparently the work of Xiaomi could have served as an "inspirational muse" for the software team Samsung. Screenshots showing the presence of are circulating on the net advertisements within the next One UI 2.5. Irony aside, it is almost ironic that those responsible for MIUI are working on remove advertisingwhile Samsung is starting to do the opposite.

It is important to specify that, at the moment, the One UI 2.5 has not yet been released publicly and is still in the testing phase. The release is expected later this year, it will probably be introduced together with the series Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The fact is that these first leaked images would reveal a bitter news for the next version of the UI owner of the Korean house. If so, it would be the first time for Samsung to include advertisements on its devices.

Upgrade 09 / 06: what happened was denied. We'll talk about it at the end of the article.

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Bad news for Samsung customers: advertising appears in One UI 2.5

The screenshots even show an announcement on the lock screen, but we doubt the company will out of the blue make such a drastic change. It is possible that this happens only on some specific bands of devices, a bit like it happens with smartphones that are sold in some countries at a very low price. Pay poco, but in return you get advertising almost everywhere. To tell the truth, it also happened to Huawei, but apparently it was a problem / test never reappeared (luckily, I add).

The interface shown in the screenshot would show an ad duration of 15 seconds, after which the device could be unlocked. We repeat: it seems to us something exaggerated and, even if it were true, it is highly unlikely that it will be adopted on all models and in all nations. Less improbable is that Samsung decides to place ads in system app, as it happens on some Xiaomi ROMs.

Samsung has already expounded on the subject. Here is what was said in October 2019 by a representative of the company:

"I remember your feedback on the inconvenience of advertisements. Please understand that advertising banners are applied in order to provide better thematic services to users through the development of new functions and stable operation of the service through advertising revenue. We will always try to provide a more satisfactory service."

The fact is that, while waiting for the One UI 2.5 to arrive, there are those who already complain about the presence of advertising in the system apps.

Upgrade 09 / 06

Fortunately, the possibility that advertisements appear on the One UI 2.5 lock screen has been denied. Misunderstanding starts with Korean forum Samsung, where a user created it screenshot "Indicted" with satirical intent. The reason is for an ad to appear in the Weather app in South Korea. Many users have complained about it and for this the user has decided to be ironic about what happened with this image.

It should also be noted that this advertisement may not be Samsung's "fault", but of the Weather News platform to which Samsung relies. Unfortunately someone has not grasped this aspect, decontextualizing the image and making it bounce on social media. As you would say in English: "lost in translation".

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