TWS Pro Review: Inspired Design, But Is There More?


In the past months we have seen some headphones with an “inspired” design: we started from i10, we passed by i12, to finish then at i200, not to mention all those headphones of well-known brands that also follow this style. This time, however, we take a step forward, thanks to these new ones TWS Pro.

How did they behave during our tests? Will they be valid or not? We just have to find out in our full review.

TWS Pro review

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Unboxing - TWS Pro

La package of sale a white and minimal hardcover. Inside we find the following equipment:

  • TWS Pro;
  • USB Type-C charging cable - lightning;
  • 2 pairs of additional rubbers of different sizes;
  • instruction manual in English and Chinese.

Design and construction

From the point of view of the design there is well poco to say, these TWS Pro they have a truly “inspired” style, from the size, to the appearance, to the case. The only thing missing are the writing on the back of the dock and real proximity sensors on the earphones.

I must also say that i materials used are pretty good, as well as the magnetic closure of the case which gives a good feeling. The hatch makes a little play, but overall the whole is quite resistant.


Once inserted into the ears TWS For will remain firmly and they will not be paraded for any reason in the world and I really liked this. Indeed, I will say more, although I do not really appreciate the in-ear solutions these are not particularly invasive and are comfortable even after long sessions of use.

The internal part of the stem is sensitive to touch and it will be possible to take advantage of some gestures:

  • A touch: Play / Pause or answer / end calls;
  • Two touches: next song;
  • Prolonged pressure: call up the voice assistant.

Un defect is that i commands they are not always read to perfection, in fact sometimes the song is paused without me pushing anything. This happens when the stem is directed on the beard (it is not that he has a beard so thick as to touch it, but barely touch it) or when I am lying in bed.

In short, there is something wrong, not a great job has been done from this point of view. There is no proximity sensor, so when we remove a headset, playback will not stop automatically.


Any headphones can be used individually because there is no master and because we have microphones on each one. You can simply store it in the case and once pulled out it will automatically synchronize with the other.

Finally, I noticed a little bit defect on our unity, as sometimes the right cuff it does not make good contact in the case and it happens that do not fully recharge. Several times it has happened to me that, pulling them out to listen to music, only the left worked.


I conclude by saying that the dock has the lightning input at the bottom, the classic pairing button on the back and the LED on the front.


Others problems in sight also in this sector, I sincerely hope that they are all small defects due to our unit, but if you have found them too then let me know below in the comments of the article. The TWS Pro have connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 and Android it gave me some problems. First of all the connection sometimes "lags“, So you will hear short interruptions of the song in a totally random way.


The second aspect, however, is that it has one important latency, so you will notice a lot when watching videos or movies. Of Gaming therefore it is not mentioned own.

The third point is that sometimes it happens that one of the two headphones does not mate with the other and stay off. This happens a little more rarely, but at least once in 10 uses it happens.


I conclude by saying that to effect the first pairing you will have to press the button on the back and then proceed to connect to the smartphone. The next few times you will only have to open the case and after a couple of seconds they will hook themselves.

Audio quality

Too bad for all these flaws because the general line TWS Pro they don't even sound bad, the maximum volume is high and frequencies are fairly balanced, although the lows are not very emphasized and are a bit muffled. Details, because listening is enjoyable and provide standard support AAC (no, no aptX).

There is no active noise cancellation whatsoever. However, given the in-ear solution at maximum volume, let's say that we can isolate ourselves sufficiently from the outside.


Moving on to microphones the audio is just enough only in quiet environments, because outside and with loud noises TWS Pro I'm practically unusable. Take a look at the video to better understand what I'm talking about.


Each earphone owns one battery da 40 mAh, while the homes has one from 400 mAh and unfortunately autonomy is not sufficient. Indeed, in music reproduction with maximum volume I managed to get around 1 now of autonomy, I would have expected more from a battery from 40 mAh.

Here we come to another aspect to touch because the cable supplied is USB Type-C - lightning and this means that you must be equipped with power supply with type C socket. If you haven't, you know that you won't be able to reload them because I tried to attach them to different PCs with Type-C and it did not work, I have tried with different power banks also with Power Delivery and it did not work.

In the end I had to recharge them via a wireless base.


Here we are at conclusions, I don't think I need to add much. What I can say is that I hope that for some of the flaws we have encountered it is only one problem of our unity, but please let me know in the comments such as TWS Pro you have bought yourself and if yours work perfectly.

For the rest thedonning, design and construction el 'audio are very good, ill connectivity, gestures e autonomy we are not. It must be said that they are available alone 37 € thanks to the coupons that we share daily on GizDeals, but at that price you can buy excellent ones Realme Buds Air which lacks nothing.

What is certain is that if you necessarily want in-ear headphones then you will have to tack on something else, but as regards this model of TWS Pro personally I don't feel like recommending it.