Realme will launch a new smartphone in July, with a renewed camera


During the last Q&A with Madhav Sheth the CEO of Realme has touched many topics dear to fans, including the debut of a brand wireless charger. In addition to these news, the manager has also confirmed a little something about an upcoming smartphone, arriving for the month of July and with a renewed photographic sector.

Realme: new layout in sight for the camera

realme x50 pro player edition

However the CEO of Realme does not refer to sensors or photographic technology implemented, but to layout the camera. Apparently the Asian house would plan to change the cards a bit on the table and should "try" a new setting for the main module; at the moment it is not known what it provides new configuration, although it is not difficult to make predictions.


Pointing to Redmi o POCO (especially the second company, given the degree of rivalry), Realme could opt for a circular photo module, perhaps inspired by the models F2 Pro e X2. Obviously it is only a hypothesis, but it cannot be excluded that the brand has in mind to take this path. More than anything else, the interesting data concerns the release period of this new smartphone: Madhav Sheth has confirmed that the launch is scheduled for July, so there will be no waiting for that long to put your eyes on this novelty.

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