Realme aims for an increasingly complete smart ecosystem

realme ecosystem smart backpack adventurer backpack

Despite being a very young brand, Realme has very clear ideas about its near future: building a smart ecosystem very complete. In fact, the Chinese brand aims to expand its catalog of products ranging from smartphones to Smart TV (passing through headphones, power bank and smartwatch). But what are the products you want to add to your ecosystem?

Realme: smart home and travel products in its ecosystem

realme ecosystem smart backpack adventurer backpack 2

To complete its ecosystem, Realme is launching its own personal strategy defined1 4 + N +“, Which will first lead you to the production of one smart speaker which will be added to Realme watch, To TV and to smart headphones, but not only. In fact, in the plans of the Chinese brand there are many smart products for the home and everyday life, like it electric toothbrush, smart scale, video surveillance system, for an robot vacuum cleaner, smart locks and one smart plug. They will not be missing projectors e travel charger.

Ma Realme don't just think about IoT system for its products and is also launched in lifestyle, since they are on schedule suitcases and one backpack for those who are always on the move. Just it backpack already has a face in the first teaser image and will be called Realme Adventurer Backpack.

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