Xiaomi.EU brings the MIUI 12 Beta on more than 20 Xiaomi and Redmi

Xiaomi MIUI 12

Nothing keeps Xiaomi fans hype more than the release of the update to MIUI 12. As already seen at the presentation, the latest update brings with it many news for smartphone owners Xiaomi e Redmi, but for the moment it is widespread mostly in phase Beta for Chinese users. For us users Globalhowever, the always-on team comes to the rescue Xiaomi.EU, which has released its build of the latest major update for more than 20 models. Let's see in detail what it is.

Upgrade 22 / 06: latest version based on Beta released 20.6.18.

MIUI 12: the Xiaomi.eu team makes it more western with its Custom ROMs

If we go to see the list of devices that can support the translated build of MIUI 12, clean and implemented with i Google services, we also find long-standing smartphones included, like it My 6 and also the My Notes 3. Particular exclusion instead, concerns POCO F1 which however follows a different development not being based on MIUI China but on Global and, therefore, should have more news on it in some time. Small note on Notes redmi 8 Pro, which has been ruled out due to complications leading to bricking and from which it is difficult to recover it.

And have you already installed previous versions from Xiaomi.EU? How do you find yourself? Will you also install this version? Write it to us in the comments.


MIUI 12 20.6.18


MIUI 12 20.6.18

MIUI 12 20.6.17

MIUI 12 20.5.24

Complete changelog

Click here for the complete changelog
  • Lock screen
    • Fix: wrong date format for English language (UK)
  • Safety
    • Fix: the permission request window was not displayed
  • Calculator
    • New: added multiple currencies in the currency calculator
  • Active display
    • Fix: the Chinese application randomly forced the Chinese locale
  • One-hand mode
    • Fix: one-handed mode was not available when an accessibility service was active
  • Temi
    • Optimization: removed online content in Settings -> Display -> System Fonts, Settings -> Wallpapers and Settings -> Themes
    • Fix: font search results were not visible in dark mode
    • Fix: the "Choose online ringtone" option opened the Chinese ringtones channel
  • Health
    • New: you can write basic information about your health to be able to show it to health professionals in case of an emergency
    • New: you can delete the original data (except the current phone and data that was added manually)
    • Fix: inaccurate detection of the standing position and incorrect calculation of the intensity of the exercise during running problems
    • Fix: removed the "Version" in the preferences in the Health app
    • Fix: crashes on any screen other than the main one (Turkey)
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