Meizu will not launch new smartphones in 2020

Meizu 17

In May, the Chinese company launched the new models of the 17 series, a small revolution for the brand, complete with sold out with the start of sales. There was no shortage of special versions, such as the dedicated one to Chinese ceramics (and the price is far from sober) and the variant Aircraft Carrier. However these devices may be the only smartphones from Meizu 2020 and the announcement comes directly from the Chinese company.

Meizu: no smartphone in sight in 2020, but yes to home automation and wearables


On the official profile of Weibo, the company has published a report of the last conference of the summits, with various details on the future of the brand during 2020. According to what is read, Meizu 17 e 17 Pro they will be the only models this year and no further additions to the range will be presented. The price ranges (and the presence of the Snapdragon 865) have satisfied the users and the company itself and therefore it will not be necessary to expand the family.

In short, according to Meizu's plans no other smartphones are provided during the second half of 2020. Things could change, that's for sure, but at least for the moment it seems that no news is foreseen and that the brand is not working on short-term projects.

During the event there was also talk of FlymeOS: the proprietary UI will introduce the advertisements, but it seems that this will not be an intrusive solution. Regarding plans for the rest of 2020, Meizu plans to launch products related to home automation e wearable, even if for now there are no certainties.

To conclude the report refers to a couple of TWS ANC headphones and a new version of the POP3, this time in a premium version.

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