MediaWorld XDays: Huawei P40 Lite E arrives on offer and with an exclusive gift

mediaworld xdays offers smartphone notebook huawei xiaomi lenovo

The three-day discount starts today MediaWorld XDays, which will allow you to access, until June 4 2020, in discounts very advantageous on products purchased on the store website. This time to draw attention is the latest arrival of the mid-range Huawei P40 Lite E, which not only is on offer, but also gives you one Huawei Band 4, reserved for customers who purchase the smartphone by June 14 2020. Obviously, you can catch two birds with one stone by taking advantage of the MediaWorld initiative. P40 Lite E isn't the only device featured with the MediaWorld promotion, let's see them together, in more detail.

Huawei P40 Lite E, Xiaomi Redmi 8, notebook, smart home and wearables on offer until June 4

mediaworld xdays offers smartphones notebook huawei xiaomi lenovo 2

As we wrote above, the XDays di MediaWorld they bring excellent discounts in any electronic sector, but only for the duration of 4 days, so as not to be unprepared, you can launch yourself on the discounts that we report below in order to win smartphones Huawei e Xiaomi, but also notebook, wearable e smart home at a very attractive price, lately more and more welcome gifts or personal purchases.

Here you will find all the dedicated offers

Huawei offers - MediaWorld XDays

Xiaomi offers - MediaWorld XDays

Lenovo offers - MediaWorld XDays

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