Lenovo Legion will have the fastest charging in history ... or is it a lie?

lenovo legion

Unlike the PC world, Lenovo still struggling to find a firm place in the world of smartphones. Especially in the high end, where the company suffers the competition from the most famous and historically most placed brands in the sector. This is why he is trying to find new ways to get noticed and one could be that of the gaming smartphone. It will be launched soon Lenovo Legion, model that could give a hard time to the various Black Shark, ROG and Red Magic. It will have very important characteristics, starting from quick charging, whose power will be the highest ever seen so far.

Upgrade 02 / 06: months later, the 3C certification body may have denied Lenovo. We'll talk about it at the end of the article.

Upgrade 14 / 04: the company confirms the super fast charge and gives some more details.

Lenovo Legion is preparing to break all the records in fast charging

lenovo legion

The teasers are clear: Lenovo Legion can boast a fast charge a 90. A significant upgrade, if you consider that so far the smartphone that has gone further are the top of the range OPPO and Realme. Not to mention Black Shark 3 Pro, the other videogame smartphone capable of reaching 65W. But you will understand that, if the 90W were effective, there would be no stories: Lenovo Legion would thus become the reference smartphone in this respect.

We are still a bit skeptical: the first teaser seems to have been canceled and currently there is no trace on social media. The second, however, was published by an insider, but it seems that they are legitimate. In short, we are really curious to know if Lenovo Legion will grab this record. If you were curious to find out what other features it will have, we refer you to the previous article.

Upgrade 14 / 04

lenovo legion

Apparently the 90W quick charge has been confirmed once again thanks to the brand's official Weibo profile, this time with some more details on its capabilities. According to what is shown, the new technology will be able to fully recharge a battery from 4.000 mAh in just 15 minutes! A bestial result, which makes the Lenovo Legion even more interesting. Also, perhaps the teaser has confirmed the ability of the battery of the gaming flagship, although - obviously - it is good to proceed with lead feet.

lenovo legion

Another lie from Lenovo? | Update 02/06

Skepticism arose when it was announced that Lenovo Legion would have a 90W recharge. If we consider that OPPO and Huawei, leader in fast charging, have not gone beyond 65W and 40W, how is it possible that Lenovo out of the blue surpasses them with so much detachment? The truth seems to reveal it to uscertification body 3C, from which Lenovo itself passed L79031, the acronym behind which Lenovo Legion should hide.

lenovo legion 3c certification

Taking into consideration the certification received, we are told that the smartphone will be 5G and that it will have a power supply supplied by 45. This should mean that the 90W one will be sold separately. At this point, the options are two: either Lenovo Legion actually supports the 90W but the special charger is optional or Lenovo will launch a 90W charger together with the smartphone but with a power greater than that needed for the phone. Since Lenovo also sells notebooks, it could do the same as other companies, offering a suitable power supply for both phone and PC.

What is certain is that Lenovo is not new to communication strategies poco crystalline. Just think back to the teasers of Lenovo Z5, in which a device was promised full screena monstrous battery it's one record-breaking storage. All things that turned out to be false, or rather, badly communicated.

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