Huawei is among the top six most innovative brands in the world: topped Facebook!

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Dedication, constancy, innovation: these are the ingredients that a commercial giant must have in order to excel Huawei it is definitely one of those brands that possess these characteristics. In fact, the Chinese company has just placed itself at sixth place in the special ranking of BCG (Boston Consulting Group) of the most innovative brands of 2020, surpassing big brands like Facebook e Nike.

Huawei: sixth most innovative brand of 2020 and first in China

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The story of Huawei it is studded with important results, and i recent results in the smartphone field. But the placement obtained in an important ranking like that of BCG it is a result that is anything but simple to achieve. In fact, the sixth place in the company of huge brands such as Apple, Samsung, The Amazon, Microsoft ed A (Google, so to speak) and even being considered more innovative than sacred monsters like Facebook, Nike ed Intel shows the impact that the brand of Ren Zhengfei has gotten over the years.

Il sixth place then, if we look at strictly Chinese brands, it turns into the first position with detachment, since the first Chinese giant after Huawei, Tencent, is in fourteenth place, while brands like OPPO e Vivo they are even off the charts (Xiaomi is in twenty-fourth position). The result then becomes more significant if we consider that the company has made an important leap of well 36 positions, going from forty-second to the current sixth place.

I suspect that for Huawei the victory obtained thanks to the commitment that the brand has been able to put in all its sectors, even with a heavy ban like the USA, is only the beginning is more than founded: the Chinese brand aims to play with the first five "untouchables" " in the world.

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